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It's from India and it's used by scammers. they will inform you there is a problem with your PC and that they will fix it for you remotely - of course you will be asked for your Credit Card or Bank details. Again, it's a scam, don't let them near your computer and do feel free to have some fun at their expense (e.g. irrespective of the question keep answering "Yes").
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I'm pretty sure its B in the english alphabet, it might vary in other languages.

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There Mothers Answer . They are come from nowhere and strive to go somewhere. This is known as the meaning of life--

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Many products and foods are packaged into cans or tins. Here is a list of some canned items: . Foods, including sardines, tuna, ham, spam, coffee, nuts, spices, most vegetab
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¿quién viene?
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The answer depends what exactly you mean by "this".
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No, you "may" not.
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Where, indeed? You were born biologically to your parents, but theexact reason as to why we are able to reproduce is not known toscience. It can explain a great deal about the