0165 cubic meters of clothe is how many kilos?

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A cubic metre is a unit of capacity. A kilogram is a unit of mass. The two units are incompatible. And in any case, you would generally not measure a two-dimensional solid material, such as cloth, in cubic metres.
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How many kilos does one cubic meter of paper weigh?

Scrunched up or shredded paper, etc, is anyone's guess, so I'm answering with the case of printer paper piled up instead. Start by measuring one ream of your paper. Mine here is A4 sheets, 2.5 kilogrammes, and is 5 centimetres thick. It contains 500 sheets of 80 gsm but that's not important. (MORE)

How many kilos in a cubic meter?

By a 'kilo' I assume you mean a kilogram, but this is a weight. A cubic meter is a volume. You can't compare them. You have to specify what the material is, to know the volume of a 'kilo', before you can work out how many in a cubic meter

Convert 5 cubic meters to kilo liters?

One cubic meter is one thousand litres, so 5 cubic metres is five thousand litres. Kilo is the prefix for thousand, so 5 cubic meters would be the same as 5 kilo litres.. Although mathematically correct, Kilo litre is unfamilliar to me. Maybe it's more common in another setting?

How many cubic meters are in a meter?

None. A cubic metre is a measure of volume, whereas a metre is a measure of distance. The two measure different things and, according to the basic principles of dimensional analysis, conversion from one to the other is not valid.

How many meters in a kilo meter?

In the SI (metric) system, a kilo- anything means x 1000, kilometre, kilowatt, kilogramme, kilovolt, kilotonne, etc. So, 1 km = 1000 m.

How many cubic meter in a cubic yard?

To answer this, you should first tackle lengths. A cubic yard is 1yd x 1yd x 1yd. There are 0.9144 metres in a yard. Thus this can be rewritten as 0.9144m x 0.9144m x 0.9144m. Multiplying this together gives 0.764554857984m 3 And thus there are roughly 0.765 cubic metres in a cubic yard.

How you calculate kilo grams into cubic meters?

\nYou can not. \n. \nYou are trying to convert volume into mass and that can not be done, unless you have the specific information on how much a certain matter weighs (eg. grams/cubic centimeter)

How many cubic meters in a cubic mile?

There are about 4,168,181,825 cubic meters in a cubic mile For reference: 1 mile = 1,609.344 meters 1 mile^2 = 2,589,988 meters^2 1 mile^3 = 4, 168, 181,825 meters^3

How many decimeters in a kilo meter?

I'm assuming you've never actually used the Metric system. The "Deci", suffix is not really used in practical application. here goes... There are 10 "decimetres" in a meter (in practice you would either write this as 0.1m or 10cm). There are 1000m in a kilometre so 1000m * 10dm gives (MORE)

How many meters is it for 145 kilo?

Your question makes no sense. However.. ***Except for the answer, the below was copied and pasted.*** To answer conversion questions like this go to Google.com and in the search window, type in your question like this.. 24 cups in gallons it will if you a direct answer. It is great (MORE)

About how many cubic yards are in a cubic meter?

The meter is a bit more than a yard, so a cubic meter will have a bit more than a cubic yard in it. The cubic meter is actually about 1.30795 cubic yards, so since we're just doing a "ball park" estimate, our guess that a cubic meter is about the same as a cubic yard is only off a bit. A cubic meter (MORE)

How many linear meters to a kilo?

None. . A linear metre, as the name suggests is a linear measure - ie it is a measure of length, A kilo is a prefix that means a thousand. It could be a prefix to a length (kilometre or kiloparsec), pressure (kilopascal), etc. Conventionally, "kilo" when used by itself, is used to denote kilogra (MORE)

What is the Convertion of 2916 kilos to cubic meter?

This question cannot be answered sensibly. A cubic metre is a measure of volume, with dimensions [L 3 ]. A kilogram is a measure of mass, with dimensions [M]. Basic dimensional analysis teaches that you cannot convert between measures with different dimensions such as these without additional inf (MORE)

How many meters in a kilo gram?

NONE - Kilogram is a WEIGHT. - How heavy something is. meters is a LENGTH. -That means the physical distance between the start and end of some kind of linear object. There is no similarity between LENGTH and WEIGHT. - They CAN NOT be 'converted' to each other. .

How many cubic decimeters are there in a cubic meter?

We are starting off woth the equation x cubic decimeters = 1 cubic meter Using the metric system, we can determine that there are ten decimeters in every meter (cubic or other). A pun often used to remember the metric system is, "King Henry died by drinking chocolate milk." Each letter in (MORE)

How many meters in cubic meter?

This is not really a valid conversion because cubic meters is a measure of volume while meters is a measure of length or distance.

How many kilo gram in meters?

This is just like asking how many pounds are there in a foot. A kilogram is a measure of weight, and a meter is distance. American?

How many cubic feet is 35 kilos?

None. A cubic foot is a measure of volume, a kilo is a measure of mass. The two measure different things and it makes no sense at all to try and convert from one to the other.

How many meters in 3 kilo meter?

The suffix "kilo" means multiply the unit by 1000, or 10^3. The standard unit of distance is the meter, so 3 kilometers means 3x10^3, or 3000 meters.

How do you convert kilo into cubic meter?

Assuming that a kilo refers to a kilogram, you don't. A kilogram is a measure of mass. A cubic metre is a measure of volume. The two measure different things and it is not sensible to even consider converting from one to the other. If you are not convinced, consider a cubic metre of air. How ma (MORE)

How many cubic meter in one kilo meter?

"Cubic meter" is a unit of volume. "Kilometer" is a unit of length. They describe different types of quantities, they have different physical dimensions, and they can't convert to each other. If you could convert length into volume, then you'd be able to calculate how many gallons tall you are.

How many kilos equal 1 cubic meter sand cement?

assuming kilos means kilograms. In that case, there is no definite answer. Kilograms are units of mass and ite dpends on the consistency (or density) of the cement mixture. A cubic meter of cement can have various densities.

How many meters are in cubic meters?

This question makes no sense, because the units are different: cubic meters measures volume, and meters measures distance. You might as easily say "How many feet are in a gallon?" To determine the number of cubic meters of a rectangular solid, you measure the height, width, and depth in meters, a (MORE)

How many kilo meters are there in a mile?

We can easily convert kilometers and miles with formula, conversioncharts . Lets find the relation between kilometers and mile. We canfind that 1 km=0.621 miles. Hence,there are 1.609 kilometers in a mile.