01 Forester makes buzzing noise when accelerating pitch gets higher stepping on gas and gets lower when coasting to lower speed seems to go along with change in rpms new LF axle inaudible at 65mph?

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You should check if the clutch is still OK. When it gets worn out, the engine 'races' to high revs ( with high pitch) when you accelerate. When driving without much load on the engine, that is, for example, coasting on the straight and a higher speed, the engine will sound fine but try to accelerate harder and the 'revving up' will show up again.
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If a Chevrolet Cavalier seems like it is not getting gas when you step on the pedal what could be the problem?

Should start by checking for possible codes. If none, there are a few things that come to mind: Stating your engine size and vehicle year would have been nice. There was a tsb about water getting into the computer on certain caviliars. Air/fuel ratio may be off due to a possible MAF sensor gone ba (MORE)

On a 1985 Mercedes-Benz 300D Need to step hard on gas pedal to increase the speed and on hwy it will not go more than 55 mph Seems like engine is not getting enough fuel what is wrong?

\n. \n Answer \nCatalytic converter?, do you have a rotten egg smell after driving for several miles?\n Answer \n300d is a diesel motor,does not have a catalytic converter, you need fuel filter changes, are 2 on drivers side of engine and do a vaulve adjustment, if problem still it may need (MORE)

Your car shakes at higher speeds what could it be if you have a slight shake driving at 6065 when you accelerate it shakes vigorously to 70-75 but at lower speed its smooth It has new tires?

\n. \nI had this problem also where my car would shake between 55-75. It ran smoothly at 80 (don't tell the CHP). Everyone I asked said tires, so I had the tires balanced and realigned, but that didn't fix it. Most of the mechanics I asked were stumped. Finally someone recommended having the struts (MORE)

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1999 accord lx auto trans gets low gas milage new plugs new air filter didnt seem to help going to change fuel filter what else?

changing the fuel filter might help but most likely will not improve the milage enough to offset the cost of new fuel filter, installation etc...i would recommend adding some fuel injector cleaner to the engine. sometimes these get dirty causing loss of fuel consumption by the engine. i know my accc (MORE)

1993 mercury tracer shakes and sputters and is slow to accelerate you find you can get it going better at lower rpms so you shift early it also smells like it is flooding new fuel filter plugs O2?

Answer . \nIt could be a sticky/dirty injector, a bad air filter, sticking EGR valve or any of a number of problems. If you suspect flooding, run some injector cleaner through the next tank of fuel. Also, check the air filter and make sure the intake is free of obstructions. If it runs well at l (MORE)

Toyota corolla 1.8 misfires a certain rpm if i go higher or lower it stops random when it happens mornings seem to be the worst?

I'm an ASE Master and certified engine performance specialist with 25 years of professional service invested and we have one in the shop right now and I'm pulling my hair out. I haven't got a final conclusion or confirmation as of yet but the problem seems to be in the distributor. The "G" signal (a (MORE)

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Your 1990 Toyota celica will run but it makes a noise likes its not getting enough gas when i accelerate.?

If it's pinging, try high test gas. Also check plugs and fuel filter...lastly, fuel pressure regulator and fuel pump. The puimp USUALLY lasts about 100k miles.. If it's stalling (especially in 1st and second gear) use your fingers to check the air intake hose between the filter box and throttle bod (MORE)

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How can I reduce the lugging noise at lower rpms on your 03 silverado?

Shift to a lower gear. Lugging will damage your engine and should not occur if you are in the proper gear for whatever you are doing. On your silverado if it is an automatic you should have a trailering button in the end of the gear shift to turn the trailering mode on and cause the vehicle to shift (MORE)

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