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That's the ZIP code for Edgecomb, Maine.
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What is the reason for the reduction in the number of newspapers in USA?

A complicated set of factors are contributing to the decline of newspapers in the U.S. They include: . increasing costs . decreasing income from advertisers . fewer subscribers . Some might blame the Internet for wooing away readers and advertisers. However, Internet advertising is not as eff (MORE)

What is the reason for prime numbers?

\nThere's no reason for them, they just exist. It's like asking, what's the reason for the number 7 ? Prime numbers just happen to be numbers you can't divide by other numbers without getting fractions all over the place. Like 7.

Is there any mathematical reason for the numbering of a dart board?

-No there is no mathematical reasoning for the numbers on a dart boar, Its funny you asked that question really, becaus ei spend all my time spending countless hours playing darts and studying the ddart board, but i have never come across a mathematical reasoning for it. :)

Reason for the why pandas in decline number?

Giant Pandas are endangered primarily from habitat loss and from the fact that they have a very low birthrate. China has put increasing pressure on their habitat in the last century from population growth and land use changes. Also, they have traditionally been poached, primarily for their fur and s (MORE)

What is the reason for the decrease in the number of tigers?

Tigers have been decreasing because people are destroying the rainforests (their only home)by cutting down trees and moving too far into the tigers territories. another reason is because people are hunting tigers illegally as many tiger parts can be sold for a lot of money, such as the pelt for its (MORE)

Reasons why square numbers are said to be composite numbers?

Prove the opposite. Assume that a square number is prime. A square number is one that is a product of a number multiplied by itself A prime number is one that has no factors other than itself and 1. For a prime number to be square, the only choice is for it to be 1*1=1 Since 1 is not a prime number, (MORE)

Can you find a reason why negative numbers were invented?

You need to have numbers that represent the idea of taking something away. If I pile up some dirt and consider the ground as level zero. Then the height of my hill is a positive number. If I dig a ditch, I must take dirt away. If the earth again is ground zero, the depth of my ditch can be given a (MORE)

What is the number one reason why people become drug addicts?

People usually develop drug addictions because they are unhappy, and are self-medicating to feel better. They might be clinically depressed, or something horribly traumatic may have happened to them, which they cannot get over. Other people just have what is called "an addictive personality." There (MORE)

What is the reason that 666 is a bad number?

________________________ Nobody has ever come up with any good reason why 666 is a bad number, or 555, or 777, or, for that matter, 123. People will seek out superstition because it's easier for some to believe a symbol is responsible for good or bad things than to look life in the face and decid (MORE)

Reason for declined numbers of cassowaries?

The cassowary is endangered in Australia, mainly because of habitat degradation, but also because of feral pigs eating their eggs and wild and domestic dogs killing their chicks.. Another reason for declined numbers of cassowaries is that many are being killed by vehicles. Between the combined prob (MORE)

What set of numbers is most reasonable to determine height?

For people: Measure height in centimetres and positive integers will be the most appropriate. Measure it in metres and positive rationals, to 2 decimal places will fit the bill. For taller structures, buildings or mountains, positive integers for metres.

What are the reasons that 13 is Taylor swift's favorite number?

1. She was born on December 13, 1989 2) I believe she was 13 when she signed her record deal.(her single "Tim Mcgraw" came out when she was 15) 3. Anytime she has won an award she was in seat 13 or row 13. and she always sees 13 of something, or the number 13 before anything reallly good happens to (MORE)

What two reasons did the number of Kakapo become extinct?

Kakapo are not yet extinct. Their numbers are greatly reduced tothe point where they are critically endangered. The main reason forthis is the introduction of non-native predators in New Zealand.Feral cats are the main threat to kakapo while kiore, or Polynesianrats, eat the eggs and young chicks. T (MORE)

What is the reason gay numbers are increasing?

This perceived "increase" in the number of GLBT people is actually due to the increased societal acceptance of homosexuality. Since people are not as hostile towards non-heterosexuals in these more enlightened times, people feel they don't need to remain closeted.

I have asked this guy if he wants my number and he says i have no reason to call you what do i do?

He is not that into you, move on. Don't ask a guy if he wants your number. Men are very basic creatures, if he really is into you then he will ask for your number without you having ask him if he wants it. Don't call men, don't wait for them to call you. Lots of men say they will call and don't and (MORE)

Do odd or even numbers have more factors Explain your reasoning?

Even numbers do. Here, I assume you mean prime factors. In that case, any even number will have 2 as a factor to whatever power is required to make the other factor an odd number. At that point, you are factoring the odd number associated with one of its multiples by 2 to the nth power. So. 1 (MORE)

What do you think the number one reason is for a denied medical claim and why?

The number one reason for denial of medical claim is due to misconception of the policy holders about medical insurance.In most cases, it has been seen that people having undergone simple medical tests have opted for medical claim, where as medical insurance is only for TREATMENT of illness/disease (MORE)

What is a reason one would want to say no to 0845 numbers?

Apparently any numbers beginning with 08 reverse charge the person being called. Therefore they would call a person, with an advertisement, and then charge that person for the phone call. That is why the recipient of the call should avoid, and not answer the call.