0537 1074 2148 4296 What is weird about these numbers?

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They are doubling up in value, so the next number would be 8592 followed by 17184
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What is weird?

Weird is an adjective applied to things or actions that seem strange, unusual, or odd. However, each person may have a different opinion about what is weird. As an example, I might say: . The Northern Lights are weird to see. But to people who live near the Lights, they are beautiful but more usu (MORE)

How are people weird?

No ones actually weird. People only think other people are weird when they do different things that the people dont normally see happen. Like some people discriminate people with down sydrome or learning disabilities, just because they cant physically or mentally do the things that others can. (MORE)

Are shemales weird?

no shemales are not weird, they are males that most of the time would have rather been female but really like their penis

How do you not be weird?

You can't because everyone is weird in their own way. But if you really want to know, just don't do things that "cool" people think is weird.

Why are adults weird?

Adult behavior appears "weird" to children and others of limited intellect and experience because the immature have no frame of reference as to what in life is significant. While there are immature adults who act more like children, in general, the behaviors that children complain about the most a (MORE)

What is Weird Al Yankovic's official fan phone number?

You can contact him at: . Fan Mail Address: 'Weird Al' Yankovic Close Personal Friends of Al PMB 4018 8033 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90046 USA or Jay Levey, Manager Imaginary Entertainment 5725 Green Oak Dr. Los Angeles CA 90068 323-962-4441 or Michael Eisenstadt, Agent Amsel, Eisenstadt & (MORE)

Why is everybody weird?

yes every one is weird in different kinds of ways. for example you always hear people calling each other weird, because they are. being weird is what makes every one normal.

Is there anything weird about the number 713?

Yes, a number of things: · It is the Area Code in central Houston, TX · The Encyclopedia of Edible Wild Plants of North America has 713 pages · 713 secs equal 6 min 53 sec · AND here's a picture of Troop 713. They use patrol methods to teach skills and values. (MORE)

What did the mathmetician Omar Khayyam find out in 1074?

He was Recognised as the author of the most important treatise on algebra before modern times as reflected in his Treatise on Demonstration of Problems of Algebra giving a geometric method for solving cubic equations by intersecting a hyperbola with a circle. He also contributed to calendar reform a (MORE)

Huskavarna YTH-2148 time the blades?

I would suggest running down to your local auto parts store and picking up a timing light. Once your ready to time the blades, jack up the mower, start it, and engage the PTO. Now crawl under the mower deck and shine the light up there.

Why is Weird Al so weird?

We are who we are. Some People are funny, creepy, scary, mean, and downright insane. Weird Al (Yankovic) is deliberately weird (wacky) to add to the comedy of his humorous parody songs. In real life, he is no crazier than anyone else in music or entertainment. But the short answer is: The proj (MORE)

What is a weird animal?

One weird animal is the Kiwi (bird). It's very cute, but weird-looking. The Anglerfish is pretty weird, too, but so is a Cuttlefish.

What is the weirdest weird?

It depends on the person- you may think something is really weird but someone else may say its completely normal.

Is it weird to not have a foreskin?

No it is not unusual for a man not to have a fore skin, about one in 3 men in the world have had their foreskin removed for religious or traditional reasons.

Why are toads weird?

I think toads are pretty cool, not weird. Some people think they'reweird because they look funny and kind of gross, but they're notbad as long as you know how to be around them.

My mummy is weird?

Well I don't know. I dont have the same mum as u do Hope that helped Well if u think she is she is LOLAGE sorry I get the giggles

Is 70 a weird number?

I was halfway through composing a wonderful list of unique properties and facts surrounding the number 70, when I discovered that 70 is, in fact, a so called Weird Number . What exactly this is, I can not tell you, but Wikipedia says: ' A weird number number that is abundant but not semiperfect '. (MORE)

Is jasmine weird?

VERY!!! im sat next to her. Statistically she should be in a mental hospital along with her friend.. not naming any names... ;)

How do you know when you are weird?

You are weird if the general majority deems what you do unacceptable. If You Laugh For No Reason And If You Fall Of Your Chair When You Are Hipper.

Why is Pepsi weird?

Because it's all fizzy. Although many carbonated drinks can explode if shook or have fallen so possibly many think it is wierd. Oh Well. -jolynn1017

Is weird a noun?

No, weird is an adjective, a word that describes a noun. There is an archaic use of weird as a noun, but the meaning of that noun isn't clear. The noun form of weird is weirdness.

How many pounds is 2148?

There are exactly 2148 pounds in 2148 pounds. And if you did not mean 2148 pounds you should have said as much in your question!

A boy who is weird?

If a boy is weird but wise- Perhaps he can someday capitalize- On his weirdness (in others' eyes)- And watch his 'bank' grow in size! . Justin beiber >:]

Are hobos weird?

Well in my opinion hobbos aren't weird well they're like us but homeless or pennyless but we often judge then by just looking at them (well it's my opinion) so people please don't think I'm weird or anything ! :D

How do you be less weird?

I do not believe there is such a thing as being "Weird". Every individual is different, and it is their differences that make them the person they are. Some people are self conscious of these differences because of bullying, but the reality is that no amount of bullying should make you want to chang (MORE)

How weird is Thomas?

I would just like to say that Thomas is weird in three ways: 1) Trains talk!?! 2) The fat controller likes to be called the Fat controller! One time a train called him "boss". The fat controller glared at him, and Thomas whispered to him "Fat controller". O_o 3) Remember the narrow gauge trains? Wel (MORE)

What kind of weird?

Elin Beadles (Elin Hedström, ElinBeadles@twitter) Is a girl who probably dating Christian Beadles currently. The rumors of the couple was spreading after he mentioned her name some times to his fans at a Live Show.

Why is corbin weird?

corbin bleu is a loser and he thinks he's cool caz he was in flight 29 dwn. he's weird caz he thinks he's a awesome actor who's super hot. but he's not.

Is eoin weird?

yes eoin is very weird ! not , im joking , jeez , take a chill pill

Why is IKEA weird?

Because she likes to stab people . and smack people with her boobs. also she likes to skip. her skipping is negative

What is a FROZEN method of finding weird number?

You wait until January. Then you go to your local lake. Chop a hole in the ice (if necessary), then jump in with all your clothes on. Get RIGHT back out, & say the first number to come to your mind. Write that number down. After you dry off & warm up, pick a number from 2 to 7 that will divide into (MORE)

What does it mean if your EFC number is 1074 on your FAFSA?

EFC stands for Expected Family Contribution. The is an index number that college financial aid staff use to figure out how much financial aid you are eligible to receive if you go to their school. Your EFC is figured out after you report information about your specific situation on the FAFSA. It is (MORE)

How many yards equals 1074 inches?

The conversion between yards and inches are given .On findingthe relation we get as follows . . 1 yard =36 inches . . so,1074 inches =1074/36 yards . . thus ,it is equal to 29.833 yards.

Why are we weird?

Well It quite simple people like me are just not weird but peoplewho have different types of mind like Weird Al For instance hismind was different from other people he is unnormal unlike somepeople are normal the think like the normal human weird peoplethink Weird thinks unlike Normal humans.