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The answer is 0-6-0 Thomas the Tank Engine.
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What is the proper gap for spark plugs on a 2002 trailblazer 4.2 liter one manual says 050 and one say 060?

Answer . The original manual says .050. The important part to remember that when you order new plugs you will get AC Delco Iridium plugs. These are the new standard replacement. They come pre-gapped and you should not make any changes. These plugs should last 100,000 miles (160,000 kilometer (MORE)

What is the specific horsepower of a 1963 283 bored 060 over?

There is no honest way to determine the HP of an engine without knowing the specifics. The camshaft specs, the cylinder head specs (ported? Valve sizes? Valve springs? ) , the piston type (flat top, dome, dish, etc) etc. They can range from 150 HP to as much as 400, though the 400 would take an incr (MORE)

What does te mean?

"Te" means "you" or "your" it depends on the sentence and the way it is used. If you can give me an example, I can differentiate the two meanings for you.

What does te llamas?

"Te llamas" means "You call yourself". When used in the context of "¿Cómo te llamas?", it means "What is your name?"

Where is Te Wahipounamu?

Te Wahipounamu is a World Heritage Area in the South Island of New Zealand. It includes the Fiordland, Westland and Mt Cook National Parks.

What is the best low end cam for a 060 over Chevy 350?

I have an 1981 sbc .060 and I have a crane cam part #113941, it has 216 duration at 50 intake and 228 duration at 50 exhaust, it pulls just over 300 ft/lbs @ 2800rpm on the dyno in a pick up truck. Mind you it also has flat top pistons, 110 gph fuel pump and a 600cfm eddelbrock carb. You can get bet (MORE)

The points T-14 E24 and D2-1 are vertices of a triangle prove that the triangle is a right triangle find the slopes of TE ED and TD prove that the slopes of TE and ED are perpendicular.?

Autumn (also known as fall in North American English ) is one of the four temperate seasons . Autumn marks the transition from summer usually in September ( northern hemisphere ) or March ( southern hemisphere ) when the arrival of night becomes noticeably earlier. In the northern hemispher (MORE)

You have severe body ache always have body odor and bad breath you had a random blood sugar test but t was normal thyroid tes also normal wanted to know if you still need 2 have fasting blood sugar te?

I'm not a physician, but have these same symptoms. Unfortunately I have a hypothyroid which probably has caused several other hormones to get out of whack thus bad body and breath odors. Despite my regular hygiene practices I can only mask these odors for 1-2 hours then have to get back at it with c (MORE)

What is te llamo?

"te llamo," pronounced "tay-yamo" means "I'll call you." literally, it means "I call you," but colloquially you can just say "te llamo" when you mean to tell someone that you intend on doing so. NOT to be confused with "te amo," pronounced "tay-amo," which means "I love you."

What is te dua?

Te Dua = I love you, in Albanian. The literal meaning of "Te dua" is "I want you" since "Dua" is "Want". The whole phrase (te dua) however, is used for (I love you) Sometimes you might find it as "Te dua shume" that means "I love you very much"

Translation for Te?

The Chinese word "De" (or å¾·, also spelled "Te" if using the old Wade-Giles transliteration system) in Daoism refers to the inherent virtue of someone who is attuned to the Dao. The term is not usually translated into English but kept in Chinese. Consult with your copy editor, professor, or teac (MORE)

What is TE in football?

The tight end (TE) is an player who lines up at the end of the offensive line. He is right up against the line (hence the term "tight"), as opposed to being split out from it. Being a part of the line, tight ends do a lot of blocking. Thus, tight ends tend to be somewhat large, strong players. Howe (MORE)

What is a Oldsmobile 442 engine bored 060 over called?

Olds never had an engine that displaced 442 cubic inches ( common mistake ) . 442 was a model or option designation depending on year built . engines available were 330/400/350/455/ Later on 307 . General rule of thumb you gain about 2 cubic inches for every .10 over. . Example 455 at .60 over w (MORE)

What does Te amo Te Quiero mean?

Both te amo and te quiero mean I love you. Te quiero is used for friends and relatives, te amo is used for your significant other.

What is an AT-TE?

All-Terrain Tactical Enforcer, from Star Wars. Its the small, short one, that resembles a beetle. It was used by the Old Republic. More information can be found at the Related Link.

What is Te Papa?

Te Papa is the name of a museum in New Zealand. Te Papa translatesdirectly to container of treasures which is rooted in Maori poetry.

What would be the new size of your Plymouth 318 if were bored 060 over?

It would probably be close to a 340 as the 340 is the same engine block as the 318.. The stock 318ci has a 3.910 in. bore with a 3.31 in. stroke the very same stroke as a 340ci. The stock 340ci has a 4.04 in. bore. The .060 in. over bore would result in a 328ci engine. The formula for this is, 1/2 (MORE)

What is a te in football?

A TE in football is a Tight End. A tight end is a very versatile player on the offensive side. The Tight End can block, go out for passes and even carry or throw the ball. You may see the tight end on the line of scrimmage with the linemen or spread out as a wide receiver.

When will be te?

Are you sure there isn't an accent over e of te? if there is, it means 'tea', else 'you'

What is 'te' in English?

You is the English equivalent of 'te'. The word is in the singular form. It also is in its form as the direct object of the verb.

What is a TE microscope?

I think you mean TEM. It stands for Transmission. Electron. Microscope:D Hope I helped. P.S I am only 12.

What is te moon?

I guess you meant to ask what is "the moon" in Spanish? That'd be "la luna"

Te quiero te adoro te amo?

Literally, "I want you, I adore you, I love you." The term "Te quiero" is usually translated as "I love you" also.

Where is Te'-man?

Teman In Bible versions: Teman : NET AVS NIV NRSV NASB TEV . son of Eliphaz son of Esau a chief of Edom a town or region of Edom . the south; Africa; perfect ( --> same as Temani) . NET Glossary : one of Esau's descendants, the name of an Edomite clan, and the name of the regio (MORE)

How do you answer te gusta?

It depends on what you're asked. In a question, te gusta means "Do you like...?". You would respond with either "Sí, me gusta ...." or "No, no me gusta ...." So if someone asked "Te gusta nadar?", you'd respond with "Sí, me gusta nadar." if you do like to swim, or "No, no me gusta nadar." i (MORE)

400 small block 060 over is how many cubic inches?

a Ford 400 had a 4 inch bore and 4 inch stroke. Simplest math motorEVER!! Given 4" bore x 4" stroke x pi (3.14) x 8 cylinders = 402cubic inches. Bore this thing out .060 and you get: 4.060 x 4 x3.14 x 8 = 408 cubic inches.

What does Te dijo te amo mean?

I told you I love you. "Te dijo te amo" is a Spanish sentence which simply means: "He saidto You( a third person) - I love You."

What is 1 te 2 te 3 te 4 te mean in music?

when someone counts like "one te two te three te four te" in music, that means the are subdividing. That means instead of counting the four beats in one measure they include the "and". So it is like they are counting eighth notes. people subdivide because it keep you from rusing your quarter notes

Can you put 305 heads on a 350 block bored 060 over?

Yes, the heads will fit and the engine will run. However, in most cases, this will increase the compression ratio, and severely limit the rpm potential of the engine. The valves aren't big enough to supply enough fuel mixture above about 5000 rpm. Many people use this combination to produce an engi (MORE)

What is the timing on a 350 Chevy bored 060 with a 504 lift cam?

There is no set timing for this specification. If you are using a mechanical advance distributor rather than a computer you will initially target 35 degrees total advance over 2500 rpm with an idle setting of 10 degrees with out vacuum advance. From there experimentation to determine most effective (MORE)

What is the factors of 75 060?

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 10, 12, 15, 20, 30, 60 1, 3, 5, 15, 25, 75 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 12, 15, 18, 20, 27, 30, 36, 45, 54, 60, 90, 108, 135, 139, 180, 270, 278, 417, 540, 556, 695, 834, 1251, 1390, 1668, 2085, 2502, 2780, 3753, 4170, 5004, 6255, 7506, 8340, 12510, 15012, 18765, 25020, 37530, 75 (MORE)

What is the value of a New Zealand One Pound note serial number 060 082437?

A New Zealand One Pound note (no security thread)(Chief Cashier R. N. Fleming)(serial 060 082437), uncirculated and in absolute mint condition could fetch anything up to $400 NZD. If it has been circulated but still in good condition, it might fetch anything from $35 to $150 NZD. A reputable coin (MORE)

What is Sr Te?

Perhaps Mr. T? Sr being a shortening of Señor and Te being how the letter T is pronounced.