06B roller chain to amse standard?

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06B chain is a 3/8" pitch, can be interchagned with a #35 chain

Although they are both 3/8" pitch - they are not interchangeable. The roller of RS06B is larger dia (by .05") and wider (by .0377") . This will cause the RS06B chain to ride high in the #35 sprocket, causing excessive wear, stretch and the danger of skipping out of the sprocket.
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you can measure the roller diameter, if you measure it with a metric tape measure you cant go wrong, most of the rollers are dead on, a few are off by 0.5mm, but with the tape measure you wont see it

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No. 35 chain is a US size, and corresponds to .375 pitch from roller to roller. The 8mm size is 8mm pitch, which is .315. If you google metric roller chain pitch, and roller chain pitch, you'll see charts of all the sizes.

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