0An intrinsic semiconductor has some holes in it at room temperature What causes creates these holes?

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thermal energy
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What are the main causes of holes in the exhaust?

Answer . Main causes of exhaust holes are created to acidic chemicals generated by the working diesel or gas engine on combustion of the air/fuel mixture such as sulphur dioxide & carbon monoxide, and water vapour. The latter condenses from steam back into water along the length of the exhaust t (MORE)

Temperature of black holes?

The answer is SUPER SUPER SUPER INCREDIBLY HOT. However, unlike any other hot object, it cannot glow, because the light emitted is immediately pulled back in through its incredibly large gravitational pull. The reason it is so hot is because it sucks so much energy into it that it can be nothing but (MORE)

When an electron is displaced in a semiconductor the hole thats left behind is?

a. attracted to the negative terminal of the voltage source. as an electrons leave its orbit it leave a hole which is promptly filled by another electron. so as electron flow one way the holes flow the opposite direction. in electronics current flow from positive charge to a less positive charge cl (MORE)

What is the temperature of a black hole?

The temperature of a black hole is determined by the 'black bodyradiation temperature' of the radiation which comes from it. (e.g.,If something is hot enough to give off bright blue light, it ishotter than something that is merely a dim red hot.) For black holes the mass of our Sun, the radiation co (MORE)

How is a black hole caused?

a black hole is caused by a supernova, then the black hole forms. the matter sucked in and gets shot through a worm hole. after the wormhole the matter gets shot out a white hole. the wormhole is impossible to see, for witch this hard to belive for it goes from one end of the galixy to the other end (MORE)

What is an a-hole?

an a-hole is a thing at the back of u that says " im about to blow!". In otherwords, most people put there penis up it. This is called 'Humping"

What are the causes of the hole in the ozone layer?

Briefly: CFCs and similar man-made gases break down theozone in the stratosphere allowing in harmful ultravioletradiation. The ozone hole happens mostly in Antarctica where fourmonths of winter darkness create ideal conditions for thedestruction. Ozone is a protective layer in the upper atmosphe (MORE)

What does a black hole cause?

A black hole doesn't cause anything. It is a gravity trap - a place where gravity has gotten so strong nothing can escape (excluding Hawking radiation at the event horizon.) What happens is a star (or stars) is (are) so heavy after burning much of their hydrogen into helium that the star(s) start to (MORE)

Is silicon a extrinsic or intrinsic semiconductor?

silicon is intrinsic semiconductor until we add some impurities in it. the impurities are either of group 3 called acceptors which make p type or of group 5 called donors which make n type semiconductor.

What causes a pot hole?

water gets into the cracks and over time the water will expand. at winter the water will get into the crack n freeze there for the how i split also as heavy goods vehicle hit the road over time it will damage the road

What is Holes?

it's a book. they've also made a movie, which (crazy i know!) went along with the book perfectly. anyways it's really good.

What causes black holes in outerspace?

the collapse of stars that are about 4 times bigger than the sun. it collapses so greatly that nothing in the universe can stop it, and it becomes a black hole.

What is holes about?

Holes is a novel about Stanley Yelnats, a good kid who is in the wrong place at the wrong time. He is sent to Camp Greenlake, a prison camp where boys are forced to dig holes. The book is about his time there.

What is the concept of a hole in semiconductors?

A semiconductor material forms a crystal structure where all the valence electrons "participate" in forming the lattice. There are neither "extra" nor "missing" electrons in the structure. If we dope the semiconductor with a "P-type" material, this sets the stage for the creation of a "hole" in that (MORE)

What is the temperature near a black hole?

It depends, the radiation that comes off of Black Holes weren't observed in a way we can measure. However, there were different measurements for the total kinetic energy being produced. An example: The higher you go up into the atmosphere the colder it gets, but the temperature increases due to the (MORE)

What is the major cause of the ozone hole?

The major cause of the ozone hole is: . The indiscriminate use of CFCs by the human race which contain chlorine and fluorine responsible for the maximum amount of ozone depletion. The extreme cold of Antarctica provides ideal conditions for the destruction. This is why the biggest hole is usua (MORE)

What caused the holes in the colosseum?

The exterior of the Colosseum is covered with holes. The truth about their origin is that the blocks used for the exterior of the building were held together by iron clamps. These iron clamps were taken out in later times (Decline of Rome) and reused for other purposes.

What is the temperature of black holes?

Adhiraj: The temperature of a black hole is determined by the 'black body radiation temperature' of the radiation which comes from it. (e.g., If something is hot enough to give off bright blue light, it is hotter than something that is merely a dim red hot.) For black holes the mass of our Sun, the (MORE)

What is the cause of formation of black hole?

hey...before knowing how a black hole forms.....u must know the life cycle of a star....when death of stars occurs then they become black hole.....their gravitational pull is really high....they cannot be seen....but scientists see them....as light passing through them cannot escape because of gravi (MORE)

What are the properties of intrinsic semiconductors at room temperature?

A piece of intrinsic (pure) silicon at room temperature has, at any instant, a number of conduction-band (free) electrons bthat are unattached to any atom and are essentially drifting randomly throughout the material. Also, and equal number of holes are created in the valence band when these electro (MORE)

What is the temperature of an average black hole?

The temperature of a black hole is measured from the level of radiation coming from that black hole. The more radiation is given off by the black hole, the hotter it will be. If the black hole was the mass of our sun, the radiation given off by the black hole would only amount to about one ten-mill (MORE)

How many rooms in a hobbit hole?

There are many rooms in a hobbit hole. They call them smails and there are rooms for clothes and food. They include normal household rooms, with bathrooms, and nice rounded ceilings. No specific number is mentioned. .

Do holes in semiconductor have mass?

no!!!!! holes in semiconductor have no mass! the conventional way to represent holes as positively charged so there should be a question in our mind that they should have some mass,as proton, the only positively charged particle have mass,but it hasn't.actually the electrons are carrying charge in (MORE)

What do you mean by intrinsic and extrinsic semiconductor?

Those semi conductors in which impurities are missing are known as intrinsic semiconductors. The electrical conductivity of the semiconductor depends upon the total no of electrons shifted to the conduction band from the valence band. This phenomenon is called as intrinsic conductivity.

How hole is create in semiconductor?

When a force (EMF) is put on a copper wire the electrons travel in a direction the electron leaves a hole and the holes travel in the other direction

What are some causes for Stanley's changes in the book 'Holes'?

Going to Camp Green Lake there were more challenges than ever before and having Zero as a friend made him more confident. He was sick of people telling him he was a wimp so he gradually got tougher by standing up to the other boys, like when he fought ZigZag because he kept on annoying Stanley!

Does fracking cause sink holes?

Probably, there weren't so many sinkholes around in the 60s and 70s now they're everywhere. Coincidence though apparently.

What roles do free electrons and holes play in intrinsic semiconductor?

Free electrons and holes are the charge carriers -not only in intrinsic semiconductors (these are the purest form of semiconductors-typically as pure as can be made available with the present technology) but also in extrinsic semiconductors( doped semiconductors ). In intrinsic semiconducto (MORE)

Do black holes create worm holes?

Probably not. Or let's just say that wormholes are veryspeculative. You'll encounter them more in science fiction stories(where it may suit a particular story plot!) than in seriousscience.

What is meant by intrinsic semiconductor?

Semiconductor in pure form (i.e. without doping) is called intrinsic or i-type semiconductor. The no of charge carrier in this case is determined by the materials itself only and not by the impurities. In an intrinsic semiconductor number of excited free electron is equal to the number of holes.