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There is no symbol between the two zeros. You will probably need to spell it out.
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What is 0 times 0?

0 times 0 is defined as zero. The multiplication of any number times zero is zero (even an infinitely large number of null sets still have no elements). Zero times zero is zero, but the inverse operation, dividing by zero, is undefined.

Is 0 0 always 0?

0+0 is always 0 0-0 is always 0 0*0 is always 0 0/0 is undetermined, and can basically be any value. 0^0 is a bit fuzzy. It's often used as 1 because it makes equations work.

What is 0 to the power of 0?

0 0 is undefined. Consider the limit of x 0 as x approaches 0. Since x 0 = 1 for every positive value of x , the limit is 1. Now consider the limit of 0 x as x approaches 0. This limit is 0. Since the two limits are unequal, the value of 0 0 cannot exist.

What does 0 divided by 0 equal?

It is undefined. You cannot divide by 0. You could also say it is infinity. Not the mathematical textbook answer, but think about it. You could have 100 x 0 and you get 0. You could have 99999999 x 0 and you still get 0. No matter how large of a number you use, you are going to still get 0.

What is 0-0?

\nThis relates to a sport known as 'Football' where two teams of eleven men compete on a grass field for 90 minutes in order to score more goals than the other team. If one team scores a goal and the other fails to do so by the end of the game, the score would be 1-0. In the event that neither team (MORE)

Why is 0 divided by 0 not possible?

The answer to this question is actually quiet simple. Consider the case of a/b. This can be re-written as r*b = a. So, for 0/0, we must find a number such that r * 0 = 0. But what is r then? The answer is 'any number' - so you might think we can just say that 0/0 = infinity. However (!), in (MORE)

What is '0'?

0 refers to nothing ex. how long will it take for me to full up my hand w/ 2 lbs. of grain if all i put in my hand is 0 lbs? the awnser is indeffinite, has no boudry or deffinition, it is infinite therefore 2/0=undefined: because nothing goes into something infinite times

The product of a number and 0 is 0?

Yeppers. The product of any two numbers represents the number of collections of a set of objects or points or abstract elements in a set. Such as, I have 4 pairs of shoes, which is really the same as saying that I have 4 sets containing 2 shoes eachs which if multiplied represents a total count of s (MORE)

What is the value if we divide 0 by 0?

One cannot divide by zero, even if the numerator is zero. The limit, however, of a function which as it aproache an x value for which itequals 0/0 can be found using calculus and L'Hopital's rule.

What does 0 - 0?

0 - 0 =. originally it would equal 0 in maths but the trick is o- o = glasses \0-0/ see?. Also 0-0 in baseball is 0 losses and 0 wins. Which means you didn't play a game yet.

Why is 0 divided by 0 undefined?

The answer of a division problem can be proved by using multiplication (the inverse operation). For example, 8 divided by 4 is 2, because 2 times 4 is 8. Notice how the order of the numbers is reversed. When you divide by zero, you have a problem. First consider the answer to the problem 8 divided b (MORE)

What is the answer when 0 is raised to the power of 0?

0 0 is indeterminate ; under current mathematical theory, there's no way to tell whether it's supposed to equal 0 or 1, and a solid case can be made for each. The problem is that 0 x = 0 , while x 0 = 1 . So 0 0 itself cannot be defined as one or the other.

0 to the 0 power is?

Zero to the zeroth power is commonly held to be one (1) by several definitions and ways of determining it. Some uses may define it as zero as well, or as another number or undefined.

What Is 0 to the power 0?

There is no such thing as 0 to the power of 0. x 0 is 1 for any x except 0 0 x is 0 for any x except 0 So 0 0 is not defined.

What does 0 equals 0 mean?

It just means that the value of 0 is equal to the value of 0, which is correct. It's like saying 2 equals 2, or 6 equals 6, or 52657 equals 52657... you get the point.

Is 0 celsius 0 Fahrenheit?

No. The scales come together at minus 40: -40F = -40C.\n No. The scales come together at minus 40: -40F = -40C.\n No. The scales come together at minus 40: -40F = -40C.\n No. The scales come together at minus 40: -40F = -40C.\n

Is 0 a monomial?

Zero is a whole number and definition of monomial is " a number, or a variable, or a combination of a constant and a variable"

Why is 0 multiply by 0 equals 0?

This is because of the identity property of multiplication Anything mutiply by zero is zero. When you multiply a number by a different number, you take as many groups of the first number as there are of the second number. For example, multiplying 2 by 3, you are taking three groups of 2. Three (MORE)

What is meant by '0'?

An '0' is a bit. A bit is the smallest unit of information a computer uses and signifies a State. It is either '0' or '1'. Off or On, Yes or No, True or False In CPU architecture it's one of two positions of an electrical switch or 'Gate', two distinct voltage or current levels allowed by a circuit (MORE)

Why can you multiply 0 by a number and get 0?

When you multiply a number by a different number, you take as many groups of the first number as there are of the second number. For example, multiplying 2 by 3, you are taking three groups of 2. Three groups of two things are equal to six things; 2 times 3 = 6. If you multiply by zero, you are ta (MORE)

Is 0 to the power of 0 equals 0 a final answer?

Yes, 0 to the power of 0 equals 0 is a final answer. 1. The law of exponentiation All of the n th exponentiation of the same base a has the same: a base constants. All of the exponentiation of any base a with the same exponent n has the same: n+1 exponent constants. (MORE)

When you multiply by 0 why is the answer always 0?

Johnny LOVES apples. He has 3 apples, and wants twice that amount, meaning he wants 3 more. He goes to the market and buys 3 apples. 3 + 3 = 6, therefore 3 * 2 = 6. Now Bobby is a picky eater. He doesn't want any apples! He starts out, like Johnny, with 3, but he wants to give them away. In other (MORE)

Why is the answer 0 when you multiply 8 and 0?

The answer is 0 because anything multiplied by 0 is 0. This can be established using the set theory. If each set contains 8 units, but you have no sets at all (0), then you have 0 units. No matter how large a set is, having no sets means that you have no units.

Why the answer is always 0 when you multiply by 0?

Think of multiplying as having a certain amount of groups with so many items in it. For example 3*5 would be 3 groups having 5 items in each when you count how many items you have you should count 15, so when you times any number by 0 you end up having 0 number of groups or the groups contain 0 numb (MORE)

What is the quotient of 0 and 0?

"Find the limit of (ax)/x as a approaches 0 by using L'Hopital'srule."They will get "a" (trust me!).But if you just put x = 0 in this expression, you get 0/0. So,according to L'Hopital, 0/0 is equal to a. I hope this is what you wanted to know.

What is the median of 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 1?

The median of 00000201 is 0 The way to figure is out is: 1. put them into ascending order (lowest to highest) 2. cross off the each end number like this : 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 3. keep going : 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 4. if there is one number left in the middle, that's the answer, but if there's (MORE)

What is the slope of 0 0 and 0 -5?

Assuming that you mean that those are the (x,y) points, then solve this by using the formula for calculating slope. Chance in y / chance in x = slope so, (-5 - 0) / 0 - 0 Already you can see the problem. The denominator will equal 0, which means that it does not exist. The slope of that line do (MORE)

What is 0 0 60 fertilizer?

The three numbers on a bag of fertilizer indicate the percentage of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium available. So in the case of 0,0,60 fertilizer, there is 60% potassium available with no nitrogen & phosphorus.

Can 0 be greater than 0?

No, if you're talking about inequalities and you get 0 and 0 there should be a greater than or equal to sign in between the two.

Can velocity be 0 but speed not 0?

Speed and Velocity are two words that mean the same. You may mean, "Can Velocity be 0 but acceleration not 0". Yes, this occurs when a moving object is changing direction (say from moving forwards to moving backwards) or is just about to move or, at that very instant has just come to a halt. In a (MORE)

Is 0 lower than -0?

Nope .. They're the same. 1 is higher then zero, and -1 is lower then zero.

Is 0 is a subset of 0?

0 is subset of 0 no doubt. subset means taking part of universal set.here you are taking whole part of universal set.so 0 is subset of 0.

What is 45-0-0 fertilizer?

An extremely high Nitrogen fertilizer with nothing else in it to balance it. I cannot think when I would use it.

What is 0 comma 0 mean?

In some countries, people say zero comma zero instead of zero point zero. In short, it means zero, with 1/10 precision.

Is 0 divided by 0 1?

No Its 0 Nope, you can't divide 0 by anything because you can't divide"nothing" by something. You'd still end up with nothing. Likedividing an apple that you don't have - you can't divide it as youdon't have an apple. If that makes sense..?

How 0 0 0 equals 8?

To make 0 0 0 equal 8, place one zero on top of another zero and remove the last zero!

How do you divide 0 by 0?

Imagine you have zero cookies and you divide them between zerofriends. See, it doesn't make sense. And Cookie monster is sad thatthere are no cookies. And you are sad that you have no friends.~Siri

What is 0 and divide 0?

You cannot divide anything by zero, including zero, so it is animpossible calculation, against the laws of mathematics.