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0.5 liters is equal to 500ml. The conversion rate is 1 liter equals 1000ml.
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Will a 5 point 0 liter engine fit in a 95 ford thunderbird lx 4 point 6 liter?

Anything can be made to work if you have the ambition, desire, know how or money. Whether you would choose to go after something of this nature from a practical standpoint is a whole other subject. There are many potential headaches that will arise. Such as compatibility issues . Todays auto is (MORE)

How do you 5-0?

Answer . you need the ollie and manual to get this one done. Approach the obstacle at a slight angle and pop your ollie. try to land in a manual position aiming your the back truck for the edge. Balance as you would the manual as ar as possible.. To get off you gently nudge the board off the edg (MORE)

What is 5 to the power of 0?

The zero power of any nonzero number has a defined value of 1. . For any n not equal to zero, n 0 = 1 . That this is correct can be demonstrated by the addition of powers, e.g. n 2 times n 3 = n (2+3) = n 5 , so for zero powers n 2 times n 0 = n (2+0) = n 2 , where n 0 is then identity, or (MORE)

5 gallons is how many 5 liters?

1 US gallon = 3.78541178913203 liters 1 Imperial gallon = 4.54609188687303 liters So 5 US gallons = 3.78541178913203 - 5 liters 5 Imperial gallons = 4.54609188687303 - 5 liters

5 x 0?

5 X 0 = 5 Actually, 5*0= 0. If you multiply any number by zero, it's always going to be zero.

How many liters in 5 cubic liters?

There's no such thing as a "cubic litre". The litre is already a unit that has three dimensions and describes a volume of space. A cubic litre would have nine dimensions, and no physical significance.

Why are the police called the 5-0?

5-0 became a slang term for police after the hit show "Hawaii Five-O." The show was centered around a fictional division inside the State-Police of Hawaii and carried the same name as the television show ("Hawaii Five-0"). The division's name gets its origin from honoring the fact that Hawaii was (MORE)

Why are cops called the 5-0?

Because of the old TV show "Hawai'i Five-O" - the 5-0 on the TV show just meant that Hawai'i was the 50th state. An alternate answer, is - a decade after the show, police in California drove cars with 5.0 engines. the engine size was displayed on the side (by the manufacturer - Ford). it became p (MORE)

What is 5 divided by 0?

There is no answer to that question as it is a mathematical impossibility to divide anything by zero. So you cannot divide anything by zero. You cannot say how many nothings are in something. its actually 0 The 1st answer is correct and the 2nd answer is wrong. The actual answer is undefined (MORE)

Is 0 a multiple of 5?

Yes. You can multiply 5 by 0 to get 0. However, 0 is a trivial multiple because it is effectively a multiple of any number . In many cases, questions on multiples will use the phrase "nonzero multiple" to make this distinction.

Who invented the skateboarding 5-0?

It is believed by many that Rodney Mullen did but the truth is that a professional name d chuck (or chucky as called by many) Mallstine did. In the year 1995 Chucky died of a severe heart attack, he was only 45 years old.

How do you measure 3 liters with 12 liter and 5 liter?

Fill the 5 litre and empty into the 12 litres twice. Then fill itagain and with this pour to the brim of the 12 litres. You are thenleft with 3 litres in the 5 litre jug. Because: 5+5+5=15, however you have only space for 12. i.e. 15-12is 3

Why is -5 plus 5 equals 0?

In addition, you are allowed to flip numbers around, so -5+5 becomes 5+(-5); you can then cancel this down to 5-5, which you can see is 0.

How do you get from 0 to -5?

On a number line, instead of going right into the positive numbers, you start at zero and move left 5 units. . One way of looking at it is that you are losing something 5 times. Or, you want to move forward (in a positive direction), but instead you take 5 steps backwards. As the positive number (MORE)

What are 5 numbers that have an average of 0?

3.14159, -2985, 123.456, 2345.89041 and 512.512 There are in fact an infinite number of combinations of five numbers that average 0. As long as their sum is 0, like the ones listed above, then their average will be 0 as well.

Why are the police called the 5 0?

Its a reference to a 70's TV police drama called Hawaii 5-0. The actual title was Hawaii Five-0, named in honor of Hawaii, the fiftieth state. See the link below for the promo for the new CBS revival of Hawaii Five-0 scheduled for the fall 2010 season.

Why can you divide 0 by 5 but not 5 by 0?

Lets say you have 0 pieces of pie and you divide it among you and four of your friends. How much would each person get? This would be 0 pieces since there isn't any pie. If you have 5 pieces of pie but no one to divide it to, you cant divide it.

Is -5 greater than 0?

No, it is less than zero because -5 is to the left of 0 on a standard number-line.

Measure 4 liters with a 7 liter and 5 liter?

Fill the 7 litre and pour into the 5. there's now 2L in the 7L jug. Empty the 5L and pour the 2L from the 7L into the 5L. Refill the 7L and top up the 5L. It will take 3L to do this, leaving 4L in the 7L jug.

How do you get a eleven liter from 5 and 4 liters?

Fill up the 5 litres and empty. Do this again and you have 10litres. Then fill the 5 litres, then fill the 4 litres from the 5litres, and you're left with the final 1 that you needed tocomplete the 11 litres

What is 0 divided by 5?

I just read my Math book. When you divided a number by 0, it means its meaningless nor unknown. Even you cannot answer it. I think ALL quotients should be lower than the divisor. 0 divided by 0 is 1. But it is wrong. At the start, you cannot even answer. Except for the ones who say it is infinite o (MORE)

Can 5 Go Into 0?

If by the question you mean, What is zero divided by five, the answer is zero, and therefore 5 goes into 0 zero times.

What is the slope of 0 0 and 0 -5?

Assuming that you mean that those are the (x,y) points, then solve this by using the formula for calculating slope. Chance in y / chance in x = slope so, (-5 - 0) / 0 - 0 Already you can see the problem. The denominator will equal 0, which means that it does not exist. The slope of that line do (MORE)

What is the word for 0 over 5?

The word "zero" has many synonyms: nothing, nil, none, naught/nought, zilch, nix, zip, nada and my personal favorite, diddly-squat.

What is 5 digit number of 0?

i dont think 5 is a digit of 0 and speaking math 0 isn't really a number it only exists in in another number like 10 without the 0 10 would be 1 and like 100 with out the 0 you have 1 again so there you have it.

Why 0 volt and 5 volt correspond to 0 and 1?

This is the way to get digital signals in a computer. You just need to decide on two different voltage values which the electrical circuit can tell apart easily. 0 volts is an obvious choice for zero, and 5 volts is about right to work in that kind of circuit. (For one thing, if it were 100 volts, (MORE)

Is 0 less than -5?

No. By definition, every negative number is less than 0. So, 0 > -5 .

What is 0 5 what?

The decimal 0.5 is a half of the whole. Two examples: 0.5 of 100% = 50% 0.5 of 50 = 25

Why do multiples of 5 end in 5 or 0?

This happens because: . We count in tens; . 5 goes into 10 two times - so there are only 2 possible endings; . The first ending is 5*0 and the second is 5*1.

Why is 5 multiplied by 0 equals 0?

Imagine you have apples that you have put into groups, with each group having 5 apples in it. If you take one group, you have 5 apples. This is the same as 5 x 1. 5 is how many apples per group you have. 1 is how many groups you take. If you take two groups of apples, you have 10 apples. This is the (MORE)