0 and 7 which is greater?

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The number 7 is greater that the number 0. The number seven has more value.
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How can negative 1 be greater then 0?

multiply both sides by "negative 1" (or any negative number excluding 0). This would make the side on -1 become a positive number. Any positive number would be greater than 0.

Can 0 be greater than 0?

No, if you're talking about inequalities and you get 0 and 0 there should be a greater than or equal to sign in between the two.
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Is 0 greater then or less then 7?

7 is greater then 0 because 7 is greater then everything belowe 0and 0 is greater then all those numbers I have 7 dollars. You have none (zero). Which of us has more money?
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What does 0 0 7 mean?

seventh, seven thousandths, just need the .