0 comma 3 2 comma 1 2 comma 4 3 comma 4 4 comma -1 Which point could be removed from the set of points given so that the remaining four points represent a function in the coordinate plane?

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(2, 1) or (2, 4).
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Comma after as well as?

You do not need to use a comma after the sentence connector as wellas. You simply need to join your sentences with as well as.

What is comma?

A comma is a punctuation this is a comma: , Ex.She went to the store,library,home, and over her friend's house.

What is the function of a comma?

There are several functions for commas. Series - "apples, oranges, and bananas" Coordinate adjectives - "brilliant, bright diamond" Compound sentences (used with coordinating conjunctions) - "I told him that, and I dismissed him." Introductory phrases - "During the 1800s, a bunch of stuff h (MORE)

Can you use a comma before so?

A sentence can start with "so", so you certainly can. . You would not use a comma at the beginning of a sentence, as suggested above. You do not always need to use a comma with the word so but if you do, it is best to use the comma before the word. An example is "The travellers faced a long dr (MORE)

How many commas does 1 million have?

One million is written as 1,000,000. So that would be 2 commas, since you place a comma every 3 place from the right. For example, if it were a thousand, there would only be one comma - 1,000.

Write an equation of the line that passes through the point 4 comma 1 and has a slope of 2?

The general equation for a straight line is: y=mx+c m being the gradient (slope), and c being the y intercept (which isn't important in this question) So firstly, we substitute the slope into the rule which gives us: y=2x+c Then we substitute in the point (4,1), 4 being the x-value and 1 b (MORE)

Is there a comma after and?

No, don't use a comma after "and" in a series. There are two acceptable comma styles for series. One includes a comma before the final "and" (red, yellow, and blue). The other does not include the final comma (red, yellow and blue).

In euros is the comma a decimal point?

In most of Europe the , acts as the decimal point. For example€6,99 is 6 euros and 99 cents. In other countries, like Ireland,the full stop is used: €6.99 instead.

When was the Johannine Comma inserted in 1 John and why?

This verse is found in no ancient manuscript, and can be proved to have been inserted, perhaps in the fifth century, to support the doctrine of the Trinity. It is the one verse in the New Testament which is entirely spurious, and has now been struck out from every good text. The Literature of the N (MORE)

Do you use a comma before so?

Not necessarily. There is no word or phrase in English that requires a comma. Yes, there is. For example." So, you play soccer?" said Mery. . You do not always need to use a comma with the word so but if you do, it is best to use the comma before the word. An example is "The travellers faced a (MORE)

What is the slope for 2 comma 1 and 6 comma 3?

The slope of the line that contains the points (2,1) and (6,3) can be found by looking at the rise divided by the run. This is the change in y values divided by the change in x values. In this case this is (3-1)/(6-2)=2/4 or 1/2 which is the slope.

Will a comma follow after a comma?

You will not have a comma directly following another comma, but youcan certainly have several commas in a sentence. One common use forcommas is to separate items in a list. For example, "Katy broughtnapkins, paper plates, plastic cups, and plastic utensils to thepicnic."

How do commas function in a sentence?

A comma indicates a slight pause, and is used to separate sections of a complex sentence, to help you to recognize what words are part of what sections.

Is the comma before or after but?

Punctuation is dictated by the meaning of your sentence, not by the presence of particular words. A comma indicates a brief pause. Say your sentence aloud, and where you find that you naturally pause briefly, you will probably find that a comma is appropriate. Other people may punctuate the same sen (MORE)

What are four rules for using commas?

Although some of these might seem quite obvious, here are the four main rules that I can think of: Commas are always used in lists of things. Example: I like to eat chocolate, steak, pavlova, ice cream and chops. Commas are either used in lists (like the above example), or when you are saying a se (MORE)

Why is it so important to use a comma?

It is important because if you don't use a comma your sentence will just run on. Run on sentences aren't good grammar. So, if you don't use commas and other punctuation, you do not have good grammar.

What is the distance between points 2 4 and -1 -3?

Let us name the coordinates, to be easy to work and follow the answer:. Point 1: x1=2 y1=4. Point 2: x2=-1 y2=-3. In general, you can always place two different points (that are not at the same vertical or horizontal) on the Cartesian coordinate system, placed at the 2 non-rectangular c (MORE)

What is comma chameleon?

If you meant "Karma Chameleon," it was a No.1 hit song in 1984 for the British group Culture Club.

What is the Comma comma and rule?

In series or lists like "bread, butter and jam" vs "bread, butter, and jam" there is no strict rule. It largely depends on geography (with the US being most adherent of adding the extra comma) and also depends on medium (newspapers and magazines very rarely use extra commas before the last and/or) (MORE)

Does a comma go before or after so?

If "so" is used as a coordinating conjunction, the comma goes before it. Example: Martha is really sick, so she is going to see a doctor.. If "so" is used as an adverb, no comma is needed. Example: He is so very happy..

Is a comma need after such as?

In general, a comma is not needed after "such as": Please bring snacks you can easily carry, such as raisins, apples, or cereal bars.

Can a comma go after but?

Very few times is a comma after but, but usually the coma goes before but. (I put comma after the first but :))

What are the four types of comma interrupters?

parenthetical expressions, direct addresses, two or more adjectives preceding a noun, and an appositive. Cordinate adjectives preceding a noun,appositives,direct address,parenthetical expressions.

What is the equation joining the points of 2 4 and -3 1?

Gradient of line = (4 - 1)/(2 + 3) = 3/5 So general form of equation: y = 3x/5 + c where c is a constant or 5y = 3x + c' where c' = 5c is a constant The point (2,4) is on this line so 20 = 6 + c' so tha c' = 14 Therefore, the equation of the line is: 5y = 3x + 14

What does a comma represent in math?

Use of Comma in Math Outside the United States If the assignment is from a foreign country, like in South America, for example, the comma may be used in place of a decimal point. In_the_United_States"> In the United States Commas are used to separate sets of 3 digits in larger numbers, wh (MORE)

What are four reasons for using a comma?

It helps you to list things. It helps you to write complex sentences that make sense. A comma can also be useful when adding extra, but related, information. Commas give your sentences a rhythm.

Is there a comma after but?

no. if but before is a sentence on its on and after but is a sentence on its own then put a comma before but.

How many commas does 1 trillion have?

1, 000, 000, 000, 000. 4 Commas. Just use a place value- chart. Ina 1 trillion place value chart there are 5 sections. The trillions, billions, millions, thousands , and units/hundreds . So you can only place a comma/space after every section.

Who is greater a decimal point or comma?

Team Comma A decimal point really has only one function: to separate a whole number from other numbers, which make that whole number into a more complicated number. A comma, on the other hand, can be used in a sentence in many ways: to separate various words when such words are nouns being used (MORE)

When so you use a comma?

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