0 degree line of longitude on the globe?

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the prime meridian(:
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How many lines of longitude are on the globe?

There is an infinite number of possible longitudinal lines. But the total number of degrees is 360; 180 east and 180 west. There are 60 minutes in a degree and 60 seconds in the minute. How you sub-divide from there gives infinite possibilities.. There are usually 36 lines of longitude on the glo (MORE)

Is the equator 0 degrees longitude?

No. The equator is 0 degrees latitude.\n . Zero degrees longitude is the Prime Meridian (which is in Greenwich). No. It's zero degrees latitude .

What is the number of 1 degree latitude and longitude lines that can be drawn on a globe?

90 degrees north latitude and 90 degrees south latitude are the maximum values; they represent the exact locations of the pole. Zero degrees is the equator. 180 degrees longitude is the exact limit of longitude; it represents the originally defined location of the International Date Line, exactly op (MORE)

What is the 0 degrees line of longitude called?

The name given to the imaginary line of zero longitude on the earth's surface is the " Prime Meridian " or " Greenwich Meridian ". It's a line that joins the North and South Poles, and crosses a spot on the floor of the room that houses the zenith telescope at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, Lon (MORE)

What is the Line name for 0 degrees longitude?

The line name at 0 degrees longitude is commonly referred to as the Prime Meridian. This line passes through Greenwich, London, United Kingdom and can also be referred to as the International Meridian or Greenwich Meridian.

Imaginary line that is 0 degrees longitude?

0 degrees longitude is knows as the Prime Meridian or the Greenwich Meridian. it passes through the Greenwich Observatory in London. The opposite (180 degrees) is the International Date Line.

Why is the 0 degree longitude line special?

The Prime Meridian is the beginning (and ending) of a complete 360 ° circle around the Earth. It runs through The royal Observatory in Greenwich England simply because that is the spot where the meeting took place to determine where the circle would start. Other than that, there's really no s (MORE)

What is the longitude of 0 degrees?

0 degrees longitude is called the Prime Meridian. It runs from the North pole to the South pole, passing through Greenwich Observatory in England.Greenwich was chosen by international agreement (largely due to it being the de facto standard anyway), though historically other conventions have been us (MORE)

What does 0 degrees longitude mean?

It means any place on a certain imaginary line on the Earth's surface. The imaginary line is the one between the north and south poles that passes through a certain place in a certain suburb of London, England. The longitude of any place on Earth is measured east or west from that line. The l (MORE)

What line of longitude is labeled 0 degrees and separates the Northern Hemisphere from the Southern Hemisphere?

The 0 degree line of latitude separates te northern and the southern hemispheres. It is called the Equator. Lines of latitude mark distances from equator to each respective pole. From 0 degrees latitude (the Equator), there are 90 degrees to each pole. Each degree of latitude is 60 nautical miles. (MORE)

Where is 0 degrees latitude and longitude?

The equator goes all around the Earth, it's almost 25,000 miles long, and every point on it has zero latitude. The Prime Meridian goes halfway around the Earth. It's over 12,000 miles long, and every point on it has zero longitude. There's one point on Earth that has both zero lati (MORE)

How many straight lines can pass through 0 and 180 degrees longitude?

This is a difficult question to answer because it is probably in the realms of spherical geometry, not the Euclidean geometry. In the Euclidean sense there is no straight line on the suface of a sphere. The 0 and 180 degrees longitude can be seen to represent the intersection of the sphere (the ear (MORE)

How many lines of longitudes are there on the globe?

All the way once around the globe is defined as 360 degrees of longitude. You're free to draw as few or as many lines on your map as you want in that range. There is no standard set of "lines" that everybody is required to use. They're just marks that some manufacturers print on their maps a (MORE)

What is the name for the line drawn at 0 degrees longitude?

Prime Meridian The prime meridian is actually a complete circle that runs longitudinally around the earth. As it runs through the Atlantic Ocean it is called the Prime Meridian or 0° Longitude. As you follow the prime meridian to the other side of the earth and it passes through the Pacific Oc (MORE)

How many degrees difference is there between each line of latitude and longitude shown on the globe?

Some globes have lines printed every 15 degrees, others havelines printed every 20 degrees, or every 30 degrees, or every 10degrees, and some globes have no lines printed on them at all. There's no standard set of lines. A line can be drawn at anylongitude you want, and a line can be drawn at any l (MORE)