0 degree longitude is called a meridian and what does it pass through?

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That particular meridian is called the Prime one. Like all other meridians of
longitude, its ends are at the north and south poles. The Prime Meridian
passes through . . .
- Arctic pack ice
- England
- Transit Room of the Royal Observatory at Greenwich, outside London
- English Channel
- France
- Spain
- Mediterranean Sea
- Algeria
- Mali
- Burkina Faso
- Togo
- Ghana
- Atlantic Ocean
- Antarctica
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Where does the prime meridian pass through?

The Prime Meridian based on Greenwich, England, is at 0 degreeslongitude and all other meridians are "X" degrees east or west of it. The PrimeMeridian was established for navigation and is the basis on which Internationaltime is kept. The Prime Meridian joins the North and South Poles, and passesthr (MORE)

What is 0 degree longitude called?

It's called "zero longitude". If you mark a dot on your globe at afew hundred points that all have zero longitude, they form a line between thenorth and south poles that passes through Greenwich, UK, called the "PrimeMeridian".

What is the 0 degrees line of longitude called?

The name given to the imaginary line of zero longitude on the earth's surface is the " Prime Meridian " or " Greenwich Meridian ". It's a line that joins the North and South Poles, and crosses a spot on the floor of the room that houses the zenith telescope at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, Lon (MORE)

Why are longitude lines called meridians?

Why are longitude lines called meridians? In a geographical sense, meridians are great circles that are not parallel to each other but instead intersect each other at the north and south poles. This as opposed to paralles of latitude which are not great circles, except for the equator, and do not i (MORE)

A circle at 0 degrees longitude is called?

This imaginary circle is called the prime meridian. it is animaginary line that circles the globe vertically and is typicallymeasured as beginning in Greenwich, England.

What is the significance of 0 degree longitude or prime meridian?

It is simply an agreed upon reference point. It is arbitrary, and in the past each country defined its own. French sailors, for example, used a prime meridian that ran through Paris.. Great Britain's dominance of the seas is probably the reason that the Greenwich Meridian came to be so widely accep (MORE)

Country through which the 20 E meridian of longitude passes?

-- Svalbard and Jan Mayen -- Norway -- Sweden -- Finland -- Russian Federation -- Poland -- Slovakia -- Hungary -- Serbia and Montenegro -- Albania -- Greece -- Libya -- Chad -- Central African Republic -- The Democratic Republic of the Congo -- Angola -- Namibia -- (MORE)

What is 0 degrees latitude and longitude called?

It's called the intersection of the Equator and the Prime Meridian, at a point in the Gulf of Guinea, south of Accra, Ghana, and west of Libreville, Gabon. If it has any special name, we're not aware of it.

Which are the countries passing through o degree longitude?

-- England (UK) -- France -- Spain -- Algeria -- Mali -- Burkina Faso -- Togo -- Ghana -- (Antarctica -- not a country) Note: The countries, for the most part, remain staionary. The traveler, on the other hand, if he tours the zero-longitude meridian, will pass through the count (MORE)

How many straight lines can pass through 0 and 180 degrees longitude?

This is a difficult question to answer because it is probably in the realms of spherical geometry, not the Euclidean geometry. In the Euclidean sense there is no straight line on the suface of a sphere. The 0 and 180 degrees longitude can be seen to represent the intersection of the sphere (the ear (MORE)

Where does the pime meridians pass through?

- End at the north pole - Arctic Ocean - North Sea - UK, including Greenwich, near London - English Channel - France - Spain - Mediterranean Sea - Algeria - Mali - Burkina Faso - Togo - Ghana - Gulf of Guinea - Atlantic Ocean - Antarctica - End at the south pole

What is the longitude of the 180 degree meridian?

Its longitude is 180 degrees. In the case of points on that particular meridian only, it's not necessary to specify 'east' or 'west' longitude, because it's both ... exactly half-way around the Earth from the Prime Meridian in either direction.

Where does 0 longitude pass through?

The meridian of zero longitude, also known as the Prime Meridian,crosses territory in England, France, Spain, Algeria, Mali, Burkina Faso, Togo,Ghana, and Antarctica.

What island does 76 degrees longitude passes through?

76 WEST longitude: The islands of Cuba, Exuma in the Bahamas, Ocracoke in NorthCarolina, Goose Island and others in the upper Chesapeake Bay, WellesleyIsland and others in the Thousand Islands National Park, Prince CharlesIsland, Ellesmere Island in northern Canada, Charcot Island and SpaatzIsland (MORE)

What meridian opposite the 0 degree meridian runs through what England?

The 0° meridian runs through England - roughly through Greenwich.On the opposite side of the Earth is the 180° meridian - which isabout as far from England as you can get. The closest the 180°meridian runs to anything related to England is when it passes abit east of New Zealand, which is p (MORE)