0 degrees 60 degrees west is what country?

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That point is in northern Brazil. Any other point
in Brazil has different coordinates.
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Where is 0 degrees north 78 degrees west?

"You are at the North Pole facing ENE on a heading of 78 degrees." This is incorrect. 0 degrees north is the same as 0 degrees south, which is the equator. latitude increases as you travel away from the equator. Additionaly, if you are at the true north pole, you cannot travel in any direction other (MORE)

What place is 60 degrees north 135 degrees west?

60 degrees North and 135 degrees West is approximately on the border between Canada's Yukon Region and British Columbia. It is about 150 miles North of Juneau, Alaska. An easy way to find the answer for similar questions is to simply type "N60.000 W135.000" (without quotes) into a Google search bar. (MORE)

What is 60 degrees north and 100 degrees west?

It's a set of geographic coordinates that describes a point in northern Canada. The point is on the border between Manitoba and Nunavut, about 69 miles east of the Northwest Territories border, 180 miles west of Nunalla on the shore of Hudson's Bay, and 710 miles north of Winnipeg.

What place is 51 degrees north 0 degrees west?

That point is in a cultivated field in southern England, about 1.7 miles west of Splayne's Green, 4.6 miles east of Haywards Heath, and 14.6 miles due north of the English Channel coast in Peacehaven. It's about 35 miles south-southeast of Westminster Abbey in London.

What country is 0 and 60 west?

No country covers that range of longitude. - the closest is Greenland which lies between 11º west and 73º west.

What is 0 degrees latitude and 27 degrees west longitude?

\nGenerally, that is an example of the most common way of specifying the location of a point on the Earth's surface.\n. \nSpecifically, it specifies a point on the Equator in the Atlantic Ocean about 685 miles ENE of the coast of Brasil. (There is no land at the point specified, if you go there, l (MORE)

What country lies between 0 and 60 degrees west longitude?

No single country includes continuous territory from 0° to 60° W longitude. This includes lands on the Atlantic Ocean (western Europe, western Africa, eastern South America, and Canada). One country that does extend for a similar east-to-west range is Greenland, which stretches from about 15 (MORE)

Why is 0 degrees and 180 degrees not designated east or west?

Simply because it doesn't matter in either case. -- Zero east or zero west puts you on the Prime Meridian either way. (Beginning on the Prime Meridian, you may travel 0° east or 0° west, as you prefer, and you arrive at the same place either way.) -- 180° is half-way around any sp (MORE)

What is 0 degrees and 60 degrees w?

I have a hunch that it could be a set of latitude/longitude coordinates, describing the location of a point on Earth. If I'm correct, and we identify the point by those numbers, it's located in northern Brazil, about 215 miles due north of Manaus.

What is 52 degrees South 60 degrees West?

It looks like a set of latitude/longitude coordinates that describes a point on the Earth's Surface. If we treat it as such and consult a map or globe for the location of the point, we find that it's on the southeast coast of West Falkland Island ... one of the Falkland Islands.

What location is at 0 degrees 75 degrees west?

That point is in Colombia, but not by much. It's no more than 8 miles from the border with Peru, 22 miles from the border with Ecuador, and about 240 miles east of the center of Quito.

What city is located at 0 degrees and 79 degrees west?

There's no city there. That point is about 38 miles west-northwest of Quito, Ecuador. We'll assume that the questioner intends for the "0 degrees" to represent the latitude of his mystery city. Then the point is in northwest Ecuador, about 38 miles northwest of the city center of Quito. On my map (MORE)

Where is latitude 0 degrees and longitude 171 degrees west?

That point is on the equator (zero latitude) in the western Pacific ocean. -- just east of the Marshall Islands -- about 1,450 miles north-northeast of Suva, the capital of Fiji -- about 1,720 miles southwest of Honolulu -- about 3,390 miles northeast of Sydney, Australia -- about 4,0 (MORE)