0 divided by 15?

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The answer is zero.
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Why 0 divided by 0 and infinity divided by infinity are not defined?

Maybe a little more elegant/esoteric answer:. They are not defined because they cannot be pinned down to a single number due to these two questions that cannot be successfully answered:. 1) how many zeroes (denominator) are in zero (numerator)? (could be 1, but doesn't have to be and logically cou (MORE)

What does 0 divided by 0 equal?

It is undefined. You cannot divide by 0. You could also say it is infinity. Not the mathematical textbook answer, but think about it. You could have 100 x 0 and you get 0. You could have 99999999 x 0 and you still get 0. No matter how large of a number you use, you are going to still get 0.

What is 3 divided by 0 equal to?

YOU CAN NOT DIVIDE BY 0!!! If you divide by 0, the answer is undefined . You cannot divide a piece of paper into 0 parts. Good luck in math!

How is 8 divided 0 different from 0 divided by 8?

Division tells you how many times you need to subtract the divisor from the dividend to get 0 - the division is " dividend divided by divisor " and is written mathematically as: dividend ÷ divisor . The division can also be expressed as " divisor divided into dividend " which is written (MORE)

Why is 0 divided by 0 not possible?

The answer to this question is actually quiet simple. Consider the case of a/b. This can be re-written as r*b = a. So, for 0/0, we must find a number such that r * 0 = 0. But what is r then? The answer is 'any number' - so you might think we can just say that 0/0 = infinity. However (!), in (MORE)

Can 0 be evenly divided by 4?

Can A be evenly divided by B ? Let's re-phrase the question: Does there exist an integer n , such that Bn = A ? Can 0 be evenly divided by 4? Does there exist an integer n , such that 4 n = 0?

What is 5 divided by 0?

There is no answer to that question as it is a mathematical impossibility to divide anything by zero. So you cannot divide anything by zero. You cannot say how many nothings are in something. its actually 0 The 1st answer is correct and the 2nd answer is wrong. The actual answer is undefined (MORE)

What is the value if we divide 0 by 0?

One cannot divide by zero, even if the numerator is zero. The limit, however, of a function which as it aproache an x value for which itequals 0/0 can be found using calculus and L'Hopital's rule.

What is 10 divided by 0?

In general, when you divide a number by zero the answer is alwaysgoing to be zero because yo mamma fat

Why is 0 divided by 0 undefined?

The answer of a division problem can be proved by using multiplication (the inverse operation). For example, 8 divided by 4 is 2, because 2 times 4 is 8. Notice how the order of the numbers is reversed. When you divide by zero, you have a problem. First consider the answer to the problem 8 divided b (MORE)

What happens if you divide a number by 0?

Seriously? nothing happens OF COURSE, your dividing by nothing...... No ur wrong, ur paper catches on fire :3 Well, it matters on what the number is. Dividing 0 by 0 is 0, because dividing a number by itself is one, but since this number is negative to one, it cannot be. Sorry i made a hole (MORE)

Why can't one divide by 0?

Short answer: because the entire number system would fall to pieces. Explanation: Remember that if you divide by a number: x/y=z then you must be able to multiply the divisor across: x=z*y If you divide by 0 then it would be: x/0=z and multiply the 0 to the other side: x=z*0 anything time 0 = 0 so: (MORE)

Why can you divide 0 by 5 but not 5 by 0?

Lets say you have 0 pieces of pie and you divide it among you and four of your friends. How much would each person get? This would be 0 pieces since there isn't any pie. If you have 5 pieces of pie but no one to divide it to, you cant divide it.

What is 15-0 in baseball?

15-0 is either the team's record (fifteen wins and no losses) or a pitcher's record (how many games they pitched in which they won versus in which they lost).

What is 8 divide by 0?

Division by zero is not a permitted mathematical operation, so the question has no meaning.

What is 3 divided by 0?

Division by zero is undefined. There can never be an answer. Think about it this way, 3/1=3 because 1x3=3. Zero times any number is zero, so it cannot be used to divide. So since it cannot be used, the answer is 0. Because it is non-existent.

What is 14 divided by 0?

14/0 is 0. Good job. The reason its not one of those unsolvable answers is b/c its not 0/14. Its zero. Use a calculator.(

What is 0 divided by 5?

I just read my Math book. When you divided a number by 0, it means its meaningless nor unknown. Even you cannot answer it. I think ALL quotients should be lower than the divisor. 0 divided by 0 is 1. But it is wrong. At the start, you cannot even answer. Except for the ones who say it is infinite o (MORE)

What is 95 divide 0?

You can't divide by zero!!!!!!!!! That is exactly right. Dividing is putting a number into another as many times as you can, for example, 12 goes into 144 12 times. So, it follows logically that if you try putting nothing into something, your answer will be nothing! yes anything that multiply & d (MORE)

What is 0 divided by a number?

0 divided by any number is 0. This result is explained by the fact that no number, even 0, can go into 0. In the example below 9 cannot go into 0 at all, resulting in the 0 answer. Example: 0 / 9 = 0

Why can you not divide by 0?

It is an operation that is not defined in mathematics. Consider, for example, a property of division: If a/b = c, then bc = a. For example because 12/3 = 4, 3(4) = 12. When we consider dividing by zero, we reach a problem. The following multiplication statement is true: 5 * 0 = 0 So it s (MORE)

Is 15 close to 0?

It's exactly 15 units away from zero. If you consider 15 to be close, then it's close.

Why 0 divided by 0 equals 2?

It isn't. Zero is infinitely small, and dividing by zero is therefore the equivalent of multiplying by infinity. It is mathematically meaningless to ask what is zero multiplied by infinity. For that same reason, you cannot divide any number by zero. The answer will be undefined.

How is dividing by 0 undefined?

Dividing is just another way of saying how many times does something add to itself to give you something else. When you divide by zero you are saying how many times can you add nothing to get something. The answer is even if you added an infinite nothings together you would still never get something (MORE)

Is 0 divided by 0 1?

No Its 0 Nope, you can't divide 0 by anything because you can't divide"nothing" by something. You'd still end up with nothing. Likedividing an apple that you don't have - you can't divide it as youdon't have an apple. If that makes sense..?

Is 0 divided by 0 equal 0.1?

No, zero divided by anything is considered 'undefined' which meansthere is no answer. However, the answer would be zero, not 0.1

What is -2 divide by 0?

the answer is undefined because -2 cant go into 0 also 0 is notright and something is divided by zero is undefind like -2/0 isundefined if its an option The answer is infinity.

Why you can divide 0 by 3 but not 3 by 0?

3*0 = 0 Dividing both sides by 3 gives 0 = 0/3 and therefore 0/3 is defined and is equal to 0. However, there is no number, k, such that k*0 = 3 and so division by 0 is not defined. If there were such a number k, then you could divide both sides by k to give 0 = 3/k. But there is no such k.

Why can divide 0 by 3 but not 3 by 0?

The operation, division, is not symmetric. There is a number, x, such that x*3 = 0. In fact x is also 0. But there is no number, y, such that y*0 = 3.

Why can you divide 0 by 3 but not 3 by 0?

Division can be thought of as the opposite of multiplication: 0 ÷ 3 is the same as saying "what number when multiplied by 3 results in 0"; answer: 0. 3 ÷ 0 is the same as saying "what number when multiplied by 0 results in 3"; no number when multiplied by 0 results in 3 (as 0 times anyth (MORE)

Why does 0 divided by 0 equal infinity?

0 ÷ 0 is NOT infinity; it is indeterminant. 0 ÷ 0 is any and every value; it is a basis of calculus: Consider a curve y = some function of x (ie y = f(x), eg y = x²) Draw a chord on that curve from some value of x to another value ofx a little way to its right, ie draw the chord between (MORE)

How do you divide 0 by 0?

Imagine you have zero cookies and you divide them between zerofriends. See, it doesn't make sense. And Cookie monster is sad thatthere are no cookies. And you are sad that you have no friends.~Siri