A cord of wood weighs about 5600 pounds How many cords of wood would you need to replace the electricity you used for heat for 3 months like the last one?

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HOW MUCH WOOD From: http://www.cdc.gov/nasd/docs/d001201-d001300/d001235/d001235.html The following is called the Smithers method for estimating the number of cords of wood to heat a house. A standard cord is a well stacked pile of wood 128 cubic feet in volume, a pile 4 feet by 4 feet by 8 feet. Most people have some way to arrive at the amount of conventional fuel it takes to heat the house for an average year. The Smithers method assumes the following equivalents to one cord of average dry hardwood* (W):
150 gallon No. 2 fuel oil
230 gallon LP gas
21,000 cubic feet natural gas
6,158 kwh electricity
*Dry hardwood is not as commonly sold as green hardwood, which requires about 20 percent more volume to yield equivalent energy to the air dry hardwood. Use the following Energy Efficiency values: Eb Heater Ew Wood Heater 0.65 Oil Furnace 0.10 Fireplace 0.70 Gas Furnace 0.25 Improved Fireplace 1.00 Electric 0.30 Nonairtight Stove 0.65 LP Gas 0.50 Airtight Stove 0.60 Wood Furnace 0.65 Airtight Stove with Catalytic Combustor The Smithers method equation is: Cords = B x E b
W x E w Where B = units of conventional fuel consumed per year. Example 1: Assume you are considering purchase of a wood furnace and your use of No. 2 fuel oil has averaged 500 gallons per year in recent years. How much wood is needed to produce the same quantity of heat if a wood furnace is used? Cords = 500 gal x .65
150 gal x .60 = 3.6 cords Example 2: Assume you are considering purchase of an airtight stove with catalytic combustor and your use of natural gas has averaged 60,000 cubic feet per year in recent years. How much wood is needed to produce the same quantity of heat if an airtight stove with catalytic combustor is used? Cords = 60,000 cu ft x .70
21,000 cu ft x .65 = 3.1 cords
Before considering the following examples, refer to Circular 584 for certain definitions, such as cord, efficiency, BTU, and energy equivalents. Also check for wood characteristics, including weight and heating value per cord of wood species common to South Carolina. I. First, let's compare wood with other fuels, being concerned only with wood that is split and delivered to the house at a specific price. A. Cost per Million Btu's (MBtu) Useful Heat Into the Room:
1) Fuel oil at $1.00 per gallon: There are 140,000 Btus per gallon of fuel oil and oil furnace efficiency equals 0.65: 1,000,000 Btu x $1.00/gal
140,000 Btu/gal x .65 = $10.99/MBtu Note 1: Fuel oil at any other price is a multiple of this. For example, with fuel oil at $1.50 per gallon, the cost per MBtu = ($10.99/MBtu) x 1.5 = $16.48/MBtu since $1.50 per gallon is 1.5 times the $1.00 per gallon price.
(2) Electricity at $.10/kwh, 3,414 Btu/kwh, and efficiency equals 1.0: 1,000,000 Btu x $.10/kwh
3,414 Btu/kwh x 1.0 = $29.29/MBtu Note 2: Electricity at any other price is a multiple of this. For example, with electricity at $.08 per kwh, the cost per MBtu = ($29.29/MBtu) x 0.8 = $23.43/MBtu since $.08/ kwh is 0.8 of the $.10/kwh price. (3) Natural gas at $1.00/100 cu ft, 1000 Btu/cu ft, and efficiency equals 0.70: 1,000,000 Btu x $1.00/100 cu ft
1,000 Btu/cu ft x .70 = $14.29/MBtu Note 3: Natural gas at any other price is a multiple of this. For example, with natural gas at $.70 per 100 cu ft, cost per MBtu = (14.29/MBtu) x 0.7 = $10.00/MBtu since $.70/ 100 cu ft is 0.7 of the $1.00/100 cu ft price. (4) Wood (between green and air dry red oak) at $120/ cord, 19.6 MBtu/cord, and efficiency of airtight stove equals 0.50: 1,000,000 Btu x $120/cord
19,600,000 Btu/cord x .50 = $12.24 /MB+u Note 4: Wood prices will vary considerable across the state. B. Fuel Quantity /Cost Comparison:
A homeowner is using 700 gallons fuel oil per year and wants to switch to wood heat using an airtight stove and half dry red oak at the above prices. Compare these: (1) 700 gal fuel oil x 140,000 Btu/gal x .65 efficiency = 63.7 MBtu Annual cost = 700 gal x $1.50/gal = $1,050 (2) Wood required = 63.7 MBtu useful heat/season
19.6 MBtu/cord x .50 eff. = 6.5 cords Annual cost = 6.5 cords x $120/cord = $780 (3) Savings by using wood = $1,050 $780 = $270/ season (4) Wood/fuel oil energy equivalence for these conditions: 700 gal fuel oil = 6.5 cords red oak or 1 cord red oak = 108 gallons fuel oil C. How Much Can You Afford to Pay for Wood Compared to Conventional Fuels When Using an Airtight Stove? (1) Cost/MBtu ΒΈ cords wood to give MBtu (useful heat into room)
(2) From A.1 above, fuel oil at $1.50/gal $16.48/MBtu; cords/MBtu useful heat = 1 MBtu
19.6 MBtu/cord x .50 eff. = .102 cord 16.48/MBtu
.102 cord/MBtu = $161.57/cord (3) Electricity at $.08/kwh = $23.43/MBtu $23.43/MBtu
.102 cords/MBtu = $229.70/cord (4) Natural gas at $.70/100 cu ft = $10.00/MBtu $10.00/MBtu
.102 cord/MBtu = $98.04/cord II. Consider the case where you have your own tools for cutting wood and you have a pickup truck to haul it. You have located a good place to cut wood 4 miles from your home at a $25/cord charge for what is taken. The pickup will haul 1/ 2 cord of wood when it is well stacked. You figure you can cut, load, and haul a load in 3 hours and split and stack a load in 2 hours. You plan to cut the season's requirement mentioned above (6.5 cords). Let's figure the annual wood cost: Permit Charge: $25/cord x 6.5 cords = $162.50 Transportation: 8 miles/trip x 13 trips
35 x $.40/mi. (est.) = 41.60 Chain Saw: $35 F.C. + $30 O.C. = 65.00 Other Tools, Personal Protective Equipment: = 25.00 Labor Costs: Cut/haul 3 hr x 11 loads x $5/hr = 65.00 Split/stack 2 hr x 11 loads x $5/hr = 10.00 Total = $569.10 or
Good points can be made as to why some of these charges should be higher or lower than indicated. For example, some people say they enjoy that type of work and do not feel a labor charge is necessary; on the other hand, some who perform hard physical work during the normal work day would say the labor charge is too low. Also, many people may have wood on their own land or have free access to wood, eliminating that charge. Cost comparisons must be tailored to fit each specific case. III. Another major economic consideration is that of the fixed cost for the wood heater as compared to that for the conventional fuel heater. A simplified comparison is given. Consider the fixed cost for buying and installing an airtight stove to be $2,100. The same heating capacity oil furnace could be purchased and installed for $1,700 at a difference of $400 in investment. Assume the lifetime for each of the heaters to be 15 years when maintained properly. If current interest rates are used and the loss of this interest on the $400 investment difference is added to the $400 difference, the annual saving in fuel cost by using wood would have to exceed about $111 to economically justify the wood stove over the oil furnace. Reference to I.B.(3) indicates the annual savings for using wood to be $270 without considering the investment. If the oil furnace initial cost were more or the wood stove were less, the annual savings by using wood would not have to be as great. On the other hand, if the difference in investment costs between the two furnaces were greater than the $400 illustrated, the annual savings would have to be even greater to economically justify the wood stove. MY FUEL USE COMPARISONS: Current Fuel Type____________________ Annual Fuel Usage________________________ Wood Equivalent to This: Cords = Annual fuel quantity x E heater
One cord wood equivalent x E wood heater = ___________________
Heat Producing Appliance Clearances. NFPA No. 89M, National Fire Protection Association, 470 Atlantic Avenue, Boston, MA 02210. Chimneys, Fireplaces, and Vents. NFPA No. 211, National Fire Protection Association, 470 Atlantic Avenue, Boston, MA 02210. Heating With Wood. Larry Gay. Garden Way Publishing, Dept. 90731, Charlotte, VT 05445, 128 pp. Planning and Building Your Fireplace. Margaret and Wilbur F. Eastman, Jr. Garden Way Publishing, Dept. 90731, Charlotte, VT 05445, 128 pp. Woodstove Cookery. Jane Cooper. Garden Way Publishing, Dept. 90731, Charlotte, VT 05445, 204 pp. Woodstove Directory. 1986. Communications Press, P. O. Box 4474, Manchester, NH 03108. When Does It Pay To Burn Wood." 1980. Paul Stegmier and L. T. Hendricks. Wood Burning Quarterly - Home Energy Digest. V.4(2):4953. How To Buy the RightSize Wood Stove." 1978. Charles Banker. Wood Burning Quarterly - Home Energy Digest. V.3(1):8188. How Many Cords Are Enough." 1978. Michael Harris. Wood Burning Quarterly - Home Energy Digest. V.2(4):1618.
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A cord of woods' root is from where?

my butt on a rainy day. I can't understand why this vulgar nonsense was not filtered out by readers.. A cord of wood refers to a measure of a standard unit or quantity of firewood, cut in 4-foot lengths and stacked in a pile 4 x 4 x 8. This unit of measure is still in use today. . Originally fro (MORE)

How much does a cord of fire wood weigh?

A cord is defined as 128 cubic feet (3.62 m 3 ), corresponding to a woodpile 4 feet (122 cm) wide, 4 feet (1.2 m) high and 8 feet (244 cm) long. So the weight would depend on the type of wood. Cherry or apple would weigh several times what balsa would. Also, the pieces of wood are irregular in shap (MORE)

Why doesn't the wood stove heat like it use to?

there is nothing intrinsically wrong with a stove that doesn't heat like it used to. It is in the wood that you are using. Maybe this load of wood is not as seasoned as the loads you used before. Any moisture left in unseasoned wood will reduce the heat of the fire and make the stove seem like it is (MORE)

What is a cord of wood?

A cord is a dry volume unit measurement used to measure firewoodand pulpwood. A cord can be described as a volume of 128 cubic feetof well-stacked cut wood.

How many BTU's per cord of wood?

The number of BTUs per cord of wood depends on the type of wood.One cord of cottonwood is equal to 16.1 million BTUs. One cord ofhard maple is equal to 23.7 million BTUs, and one cord of red oakwood is equal to 24.4 million BTUs.

Firewood is often sold by the cord A cord of wood is a bundle measuring 4 feet by 4 feet by 8 feet what is the volume of a cord of wood in cubic feet?

If you assume the cord of wood formed a perfect rectangular prism you would simply multiply the length*width*height to get 128 cubic feet. However, it is obvious that unless the wood is cut into square pieces such as 6"x6" or 4"x4", there will be lots of air space inside your cord. But the basic ans (MORE)

How do you convert an older electric range to a 4 wire plug when there is no bonding strap on the range It now has a 3 wire cord I need to convert it to a 4 wire cord.?

The difference between a 4-wire and a 3-wire is a separate ground and neutral.. That being said, all you have to do is connect the ground wire to chassis ground, and the neutral wire directly to the neutral connection. The phase wires are made up the same as the old cord.. You must also remove the (MORE)

Can a cord of wood fit in a pickup?

A pickup truck does not have sufficient room in the bed totransport a full cord of wood. Most full sized trucks can holdabout 1/2 of a cord when stacked neatly.

How much wood in a cord?

A cord of wood is generally 8 feet long, 4 feet tall, and 4 feetwide. The wood is cut into 16 inch lengths. The amount of wood inthe cord varies depending on the type of wood but the wood mustoccupy a space of 128 square feet.

How many cords of wood can a dump truck hold?

200 cords of wood I think not. A cord of wood is 4'x4'x8' = 128 cubic feet Dump truck amount depends on if they stack it or just toss it in. At best 3 cords...but usually 2 cords.

Price of a cord of wood?

the price of firewood depends on how much is available in your area, and on how many people want to buy it. In north Idaho where I live, there are plenty of dead trees free to cut down and haul back home. If you hire someone, then a top-notch fuel wood like buckskin tamarack (Western Larch) goes (MORE)

Which contains more wood a cord of split wood or a cord of rounds?

In general, the cord of split wood will have a greater actual volume of wood than the rounds, provided the rounds are good sized. Look at the cord from the end and you'll see the split wood "packs more tightly" than the rounds. That's a math thing, but it is straight up valid in the real world. Star (MORE)

How do you replace a 3 prong cord?

testing my electric stove which has a 3 prong power cord design at my dryer connection which is a 3 prong power cord with a different design can i use the same power cord from my dryer to test my stove and how do i connect it

How many feet square are there in a cord of wood?

Square feet and a cord of wood are different types of measurement: square feet is length x width; a cord of wood is volume - length x width x height. A cord is the amount of wood is 128 cubic feet, or 4 feet wide, 4 feet high, and 8 feet long.

What is a cord wood measure?

A stere is equal to a cubic meter and is used to measure wood in Europe. A cord, used in the United States, is 4' deep x4' tall x8' long of cut wood. There are 0.276 cords in a stere or, conversely, 3.625 steres in a cord. Most wood burning stoves now take 16" lengths of wood ("cordwood"), so it is (MORE)

How large is one full cord of wood?

A cord of wood is 128 cubic feet assuming the wood is stacked and 'ranked', meaning in-line with very little space between each piece of wood. That equates to a pile, 8x4x4.

How large is one a cord of wood?

A cord of wood is 128 cubic feet specifically. More generally, it's a tightly stacked, four foot X four foot X eight foot pile.

Why does the cord of an electric heater not glow while the heating element does?

The heating element of an electric heater is a "resistor", the cord which conducts the electricity is not. The resistance of the element of an electric heater is very high. As current flows through the heating element, it becomes red hot and glows. On the other hand, the resistance of the cord is l (MORE)

How much does a cord of pinion wood weigh?

Not possible to give you an answer, since weight will vary greatly based on the size of the logs (big logs= big air spaces between them) and whether it is dry or green. Small green pinion may weigh 4500 lbs per cord, dry large unsplit wood 2500 lbs. This is why firewood is sold by volume (cord bei (MORE)

How large one full cord of wood?

A full cord of wood is enough wood to fill a box 4' x 4' x 8'. There are also "face cords" that are 4' x 4' but are less than 8' in the third direction.

How much should splitting 3 cord of wood cost?

I'd say around $80 per cord, though I wouldn't want to do it less than $150. Only experience is watching my father chop wood as a kid in NY. We also had it delivered, split by the cord sometimes.

How much does a cord of fire wood weight?

Seasoned (dried) oak weights about 4000 lbs. or two (2) tons. A cord is defined as 128 cubic feet (3.62 m 3 ), corresponding to a woodpile four (4) feet (122 cm) wide, four (4) feet (1.2 m) high and eight (8) feet (244 cm) long. So the weight would depend on the type of wood.

How much does a cord of oak wood weigh?

Dried, a cord of oak can weigh 3500 to 4200 pounds, depending on the specific species. Green oak can weigh 4900 to 5600 pounds per cord. There is a source link below, providing information on cordwood by species.

How many cords of hard wood can a athletic male cut in one day?

About one cord is the answer if you are felling the trees, limbing them, cutting them into firewood size pieces, loading them at the cutting site and unloading them at the delivery site. This assumes you can get your truck and trailer very close to the trees so no log skidding is required.

Would running an extension cord with one end bare attached to rods work and be safe It would work somewhat like a stinger used for heating water being sure it was secure 1 a half inch space around it?

NO IT IS NOT SAFE!!! I presume you are trying to heat water with this or some other substance either way a water heater uses something similar to a stove element of which is a coiled metal that offers a great resistance to the electricity passing through it causing it to heat up SO AGAIN IT IS NOT S (MORE)

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How heavy is a cord of wood?

The weight of green good quality firewood is about 800 lbs to 1200 lbs per cord Weight of some what seasoned good quality fire wood is about 650 to lbs to 1000 lbs per cord Factors that vary range 1. wood density Wood density typically varies from 40 to 60 to 60 lbs per cubic foot, unseason (MORE)