Are dogs in danger of going extinct?

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No. Dogs are very loved and well treated animals. Their owners are very loving. In some cases, owners or other "top dogs" can be abusive but these cases are ending constantly as the nation try's to end animal abuse and killings at the pound. You can donate money to try and help stop the abuse if you are very concerned.
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What steps are being taken to stop the African hunting dog from going extinct?

African wild dogs are endangered in the wild. They have been eliminated from agricultural areas and are seriously threatened by diseases from stray or feral domestic dogs. The

What insects are in danger of extinction?

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Are dogs extinct?

Dogs are not extinct, sweetie. They are in every country in the globe and they keep on multiplying. There is no way dogs are extinct

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Kangaroos, as a species, are not in danger of extinction. The animal most people recognise as the kangaroo is common and not even endangered. These animals, the Red Kangaroo a
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Will dogs go extinct?

Noone knows if dogs with extict cause wolves are the cousins so no one knows its like what came first? The chicken or the egg?