Are extremophiles harmful to plants and humans?

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Extremophiles are a danger to human health.
Extremophiles can be a danger to plants.
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What is an extremophile?

An extremophile is any microbe that thrives in extreme conditions of temperature, pressure, salinity [dissolved salt content], or concentrations of hostile chemicals. Most bel

What are extremophiles?

Extremophiles are living creatures that live on earth. - an extremophile is a microbe that lives in extreme conditions.

How are plants harmful to humans?

Assuming that you are asking about biological plants, and not factories: some plants are poisonous to humans, or contain compounds that may be processed into poisons. Also, so
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How plants can be harmful to humans?

Some plants are poisonous to humans: Deadly Nightshade is oneexample. Other plants can cause rashes, stings, to humans: StingingNettles and Giant Hogweed are two examples.