Are sentinel values always negative?

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What is the absolute value of a number is always non negative?

The absolute value of any number is always positive. * * * * * The statement in the question is true; strictly speaking the answer is correct. The absolute value of 0 is

What are the uses of sentinel value?

A sentinel value is a value that is not supposed to change. It can be allocated along with, and used before the beginning and after the ending of a region of memory to detect

Is the absolute value of a negative number always zero?

No. The only time it's zero is if the number is zero. The absolute value of a number is "how far that number is from zero". So for example, the absolute value of -6 is 6. Abso

What is the value of a sentinel quarter?

I assume you're referring to a 1776-1976 US quarter. The reverseside shows a drummer boy, not a sentinel. If you found the coin in change, it's only worth 25¢. Anuncircula