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All living things on Earth need fresh water in order to survive But human beings become ill and may even die if they cannot get pure or clean and are forced to drink polluted water. Human beings can only last 3 day without fresh water. People died of thirst after the cyclone in 1999 because their supply of fresh water from irrigation channels was destroyed form tidal waves. However water is needed for many more purposes e.g. in agriculture and industries, but this water does not need to be fresh. Despite this there are still serious shortages in many countries for the purposes other than drinking.
Water is a finite resource which means that the total amount of water in the planet is only limited. Its supply remains the same and yet human population recently grows resulting to a decrease of available amount of freshwater per person. The relatively small amount of available freshwater elaborates on how critical it is for everyone to help preserve and maintain clean, healthy lakes and streams, our sources of water. Water is mostly now being wasted because it is under-priced. We do not realize the significance of it. Also, the uneven distribution of water resources has led to the stage of scarcity in a number of regions. The paper aims to find possible ways on how to stop man's actions of wasting and teetering on the planet's supply of water.
For survival, man depends on water. It circulates and goes through our bodies, replenishing nutrients and carrying away waste materials. Water came from the ice-capped mountains, melted and eventually became rivers and to oceans. It is the most distributed substance on our planet, and in different amounts it is available everywhere and plays a major role in human life.
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