Can electricity travel through air?

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Yes. It can (and does) travel in the form of lightning. Static electricity that zaps us when we touch something grounded on a very dry day is the same thing, only on a smaller scale. Electricity would rather not travel through air, but when charges build and the difference of potential gets high enough, that electrostatic potential will ionize air and the charge will jump from one place to another following the ionized trail and further ionizing the air.
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How does electricity travel through wires?

copper in wires is a metal, and like all metals it is made up of atoms bound together. Basically, atoms are made of a nucleus in the middle, and electrons revolving around the nucleas. In all elements except metals, the nucleus doesn't "let go" of the electrons (unless there is a chemical reaction, (MORE)

Can you get an electric shock through the air?

yes, it's called lightning. also in the case of high voltages the general rule of clearance is 1 foot for every 1000 volts.. so those high tension towers you see can carry in excess of 13200 volts so if you get any closer than 14 feet the electricity could jump to you.

Does sound travel through air?

We are in air, and we can hear each other. Thus, sound can travel in air. Yes. A sound wave can travel through air (gases), liquids, and solids.

How does heat travel through air?

Heat can travel in air by convection, but radiation (electromechanical wave motion) is the most efficient way to transfer heat (energy) through air.

How does electricity move through air?

Electricity only moves through the air if there are electrically charged particles in the air and a live current passed through it. It also travels in the form of static electricity (lightning).

How does light travel through air?

Light travels as an electromagnetic wave radiation, along with other radiation like radio and TV waves, microwaves, UV, and so on. All these are basically the same but have different frequencies. Air does not absorb light much, it is almost transparent to light unless it contains dust etc, so there (MORE)

Why is it possible for electricity to travel through metal?

Metal is a conductor. What this means is that it has a very low resistance to electricity, allowing the electricity to flow through it. I suggest you learn how electricity works first to understand how electricity can flow through objects.

Can electricity travel through a vacuum?

Yes, electricity can travel through a vacuum. Older cathode ray televisions send a beam of electrons at high speed through a vacuum. When they hit the screen they excite a "phosphor" which glows, putting light onto the TV screen. In a vacuum you won't see a spark, as there is nothing there for (MORE)

Can sperm travel through air?

No, sperm use a small whip-like tail to travel through a liquid medium. Also not just any liquid medium, it must be rather viscous for optimal travel, like that found in semen. The tail would be useless in air.

Can air enter through the electrical outlets?

Yes. If you can't get to the space behind the wall, you may be able to get the extension nozzle of spray foam can behind the outlet and seal it off. Ideally in new construction you would use spray foam on all wall penetrations like where electric wires pass through studs. There are gaskets availa (MORE)

Why does sound travel through the air?

Sounds vibrate the air molecules, when the vibrating molecules reach your ear, you ear the sound, there are no molecules in space, thus no sound in space

Does electricity pass through the air easily?

No, the second best electrical insulator is dry air. The best is a vacuum. Moist air is more conductive than dry air, because of the ionic content in water droplets. A good insulator has very high resistance, which would require a very high voltage in order for a current to occur. Another considerat (MORE)

Do smells travel through the air by?

A smell is transmitted through molecules in the air. These molecules can from the source to the nose through air currents, or through diffusion.\n

How do you travell through air?

If you are talking about flying then its a process called lift. It was found that air pressure reduces at slower speeds and increases at higher speeds. Air planes fly because the wing of the plane channels and splits air. Some air moves over the top of the wing and some air moves under it. The wing (MORE)

How can sound travel through air?

Sound energy gets propagated through the material medium (air) in the form of waves. There are two kinds of waves. One is transverse. Good example is waves produced on the surface of water. The other is longitudinal. Sound waves are longitudinal in nature. Imagine a fork is kept erect on a stand. Le (MORE)

A path through which electricity travels?

Electricity travels through a circut. A circut id domething that goes around, completeing a loop. Think of NASCAR. The cars are going around and around, doing laps around the track, which is a circut.

What are the organs air travel through?

Each day we breathe about 20,000 times. All of this breathing couldn't happen without help from the respiratory system, which includes the nose, throat, voice box, windpipe, and lungs. With each breath, you take in air through your nostrils and mouth, and your lungs fill up and empty out.

What kind of materials can electricity not travel through?

This is sort of a complex answer, so I'll separate it into parts that at least make sense to me. The first answer is that given enough potential, anything will conduct electricity. There is a method of radioactive waste neutralization called volcanization that takes this principle to heart, in ess (MORE)

Why does flame can travel through air?

The Oxygen fuels the reaction in a fire, oxygen is necessary for combustion. As the reaction takes place hydrocarbons are produced. These gas particles are produced from incomplete combustion of longer chains of hydrocarbons (wood). Heat rises, so do the gas particles as they continue to react (bu (MORE)

How does electricity travel through the house?

Although you cant see them,all over your house there is hundrends of wires passing through walls, and ceilings. The wires have metal in them and electricity passes through the metal and into all sorts of machines that need electricity to power them xx

How does a basketball travel through the air?

The motion of a basketball follows the basic laws of physics as explained by Isaac Newton. When you throw a basketball you are causing it to move, and once it starts moving it will continue to move because of its momemtum; meanwhile it will simultaneously be falling, under the influence of gravity. (MORE)

Can electricity travel through the atmosphere of the earth?

No, the second best electrical insulator is dry air. The best is a vacuum. Moist air is more conductive than dry air, because of the ionic content in water droplets. A good insulator has very high resistance, which would require a very high voltage in order for a current to occur. Another considerat (MORE)

How can electricity travel through air?

1) If the voltage per meter is very high, the isolation of air may "break", and a strong current may flow. 2) There may be a current, without the movement of charges in part of a circuit, through an effect known as capacitance: charges that build up on one side of a vacuum, or air, may induce the (MORE)

How does information travel through the air?

Sound waves would be the commonest method of transferringinformation through air. This transfer relies on thecompression/rarefaction of the density of the air. Electromagnetic waves travel though space without needing anyintervening air at all. This is the manner in which the light andheat from the (MORE)