Can enzymes be used more than once why or why not?

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Yes they can, this is because they area biological catalyst so the speed a reaction up without being used themselves. Hope this Helps Cat
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Can an enzyme be used only once?

Each enzyme molecule is used over and over again. One of the fastest enzymes is catalase, which is found in liver and elsewhere. It catalyzes the breakdown of hydrogen pero

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only if ur gay?!? Dont listen to that idiot. ^.^ You are Born With a skull, you don't control it yourself, it works by itself, it protects the Brain. And if you didnt ha

Can enzymes only be used once?

Enzymes are biological catalysts, and like all catalysts they have the property of affecting some chemical reaction (normally, either speeding it up or slowing it down) withou

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Why do we use enzymes more than one time?

Enzymes are catalysts and as such play no direct part in a chemical reaction. Enzymes provide active sites for chemical reactions to take place on. They are specific and work

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