Can house plants grow with sea water?

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No. The salt in the water causes cellular damage which kills them.
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Can a plant grow in water only?

\n. \n Yes? \n. \nYes but not without the nutrients and oxygen available in soil, there is a way to grow plants without soil, it is called Hydroponics. Hydroponically grown plants are grown in a solution of water containing the necessary plant nutrients.

Why sea water should not be used to house plant?

Answer Sea Water is salty and might not be useful for watering house plants because salt will ruin the plant by osmosis due to water potential differences. So, better to use sweet water. Plants that grow in salt water are different. So, salt water plants and sweet water plants are different.

How does water help a plant grow?

Water is used as a transport medium in plants. Water flows up the phloem tubes with dissolved mineral ions inside of it. . Also water is a major reactant in photosynthesis: . 6CO 2 + 6H 2 O -------> C 6 H 12 O 6 + 6O 2 . Carbon dioxide + Water ------------> Glucose + Oxygen . So to sum up, In (MORE)

Can plants grow without water?

At present (and I stress "present"), plants cannot grow withoutwater being added to its environment in one form or another (water,water vapour etc.). This includes plans grown in terrariums where the water isrecycled. However, take a look at the link below and see some of the researchthat is curre (MORE)

Does water have effect on how plants grow?

Answer . In a manner of speaking, yes, since it determines whether they grow.. Answer . Yes, it does have an effect on how plants grow. If you give a plant too much water, it may wilt and die. If you don't give a plant enough water, it may shrivel, wilt, not grow, or die.

What is the easiest house plant to grow?

If you get the soil right and don't water the plant too much or too little, most ivies, spider plants and others you find at the supermarket will do fine. The very easiest is a good quality silk plant...

Do plants grow better in water?

If you notice that some soda grow faster than water in plants. Some sugar in soda kill the plants. So there is your answer, some sugar in soda kill plants.

Can a plant grow if watered with milk?

I can tell you from personal experience that African Violets will die if watered with milk thanks to my 10 year old niece. I don't know about anything else, sorry. I can tell you something else, well 4in. Golden Pothos can grow to about 5in. in two weeks. I did that in my science project.

Does water make plants grow?

It is essentially for almost all plants (even parasitic ones), and dissolves the minerals that the plant needs. Plants break down water and use the hydrogen to form glucose, cellulose and other complex molecules.

How does water help plants to grow?

Without water plants (like most living organisms) will witherand die. Without water plants become dessicated, the cell structurein the plant is changed or damaged and the cells die. Additionally, nutrients in the soil are also absorbed into theplant in solution, this means they have to be disolved (MORE)

Do plants grow in salty water?

Most plants cannot survive in salty water, however, some plantsthrive on it. An example of a saltwater plant is a marine seagrass.

How do plants grow in water?

It depends on what plant it is if it is a bean or wheat grass it can but if it is a flower it cant because they need fertilizer

How do you make plants grow with water?

Plants need water to perform all of their other normal activities,including growth. If you give them water, plants will be able toabsorb necessary nutrients from the soil that will enable them todo photosynthesis and to get the energy they need to grow.

Which plants grow in salt water?

Plants that grow in salt water can be divided into three main categories - ocean plants, terrestrial plants and marginal plants. Ocean plants , well the list is extensive - various types of algae, seaweed and coral etc. In general the salt levels of the sea vary from about 30,000 parts per millio (MORE)

How can you grow plants in water?

I have an 10 gal. fish/water garden that sits on my deck every summer (and is overwintered in a heated garage). Every summer, I buy a 4 pack of starter Impatiens and take them out of the flats, rinse off all dirt from the roots and put them in the fish tank. They absolutely love it, thrive, get huge (MORE)

Information growing house plants?

This is a broad topic. I'd suggest starting with common house plants such as the African violet or Peace lily. They're easy and not fussy. You need to consider the following factors when growing house plants: . Light . Soil . Watering . Fertilizing These factors are often specific to certa (MORE)

Can plants grow in tap water?

Most plants can, unless they are a type that dislikes being soaked. You may wish to let the water stand for a day or two first to let any chlorine in it dissipate.

Do plants grow in salt water?

no they can l8ive in salt water becuaes A large number of plants grow as mangroves near sea shore and a good number inside the sea as kelp and several other forms. Sea water is best example of salt water.

Can you grow a bean plant in water?

yes because when you grow a bean it turns out to be a plant anyway so people always use water to grow anything that is a plant and water always works with plants the best because it makes flowers grow and grow even bigger and bigger and it would probably do the same with an bean plant!..

What water do plants grow in?

Just regular old water, houseplants prefer room temperature water. If you have a lot of chlorine in your water let water stand in a container over night 48 hours.

Why does water make a plant grow?

Chlorophyll in the leaves splits the water into Hydrogen and Oxygen.The oxygen is given out through pores called stomata.The Hydrogen is combined with Carbon Dioxide( taken in through stomata) to form Starch which is consumed by the plants for energy and growth. Water is also essential for transpor (MORE)

How do some plants grow in water?

Only some plants do like seaweed plants and even water hose plants like a peacelilly, spiderplants, umbrella plant and grape ivy.

Will plants grow if watered with juice?

Plants can grow if watered with fruit juice, but it's not a goodidea. The sugar in the juice is not needed and ends up attractingflies and other insects, and may also contribute to the growth ofmold in the soil.

Do you need water to grow plants?

Plants need water to make glucose. Glucose is a sugary substance that plants make. Glucose is the food that plants need to live. So yes, plants do need water.

Why does sea water kill plants?

The reason why this is, is mainly because ocean water is filled with salt that has dissolved into it and salt kills most plants.

Which plants live in sea water?

Seaweed is a kind of plant called alga that lives in salty water. Algae can be red, brown, green, or blue, but they still contain chlorophyll for making food from sunlight. Some seaweeds fasten themselves on to rocks. Others have bubbles of air in their leaves so they can float.

If you water a plant with coffee will it grow?

Actually it just doesn't work it needs to be soil that isn't as hard as a rock and I would suggest some fertilizer, when you water it don't pour a jug right onto it. I personally use old window cleaner bottles that are empty and washed well than I put water and sometimes plant food and mix it togeth (MORE)

What kind of house plant can grow in water?

You can grow many of the vining plants in water by taking cuttings off of a mature plant. Here are some types: . Creeping charlie . Coleus . Pothos (philodendron) . Wandering Jew . Ivy types

Where do plants get the water they need to grow?

answ2. The roots of the plant absorb water from the soil around, and will by osmosis absorb minerals they need. If there is not sufficient water they will be stressed, and may die. If the soil temperature becomes too hot, they plants will not thrive.

Can a plant grow in an Cup of water?

yes a plant can grow in a cup of water unless you put some tissue in the cup to squeeze the seed in to having more water which provides them more nutrition

How do grasses grow in sea water?

They grow at depths that allow them enough light to photosynthesize. They use sunlight and dissolved carbon dioxide and release oxygen the way land plants do, using this same process. To grow, develop, and propagate, they use the other nutrients and chemicals made available by currents and the detri (MORE)

Will a plant grow in sugar water?

Because you make food with sugar and water and if you add sugar water it will produce more food and soon enough you will have to much food and will not hold.

Will a plant grow soaked in water?

A plant will certainly not grow if you soak it in water. All living things need air. Any type of plant is a living thing. And it needs air too. So no, a plant will not grow if soaked it water

Can house plants grow in a closet?

The two main requirements for any growing plant are to provide light and water. If plants are deprived of light they grow very long and spindly in their urge to seek light. So, if you are planning to grow them in dark conditions, it is essential to provide lighting for them.

Will a plant grow with without water?

If you mean no water whatsoever, then almost assuredly not. Water(H2O) and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) are the reactants of photosynthesis(the process by which plant cells convert H2O and CO2 into Glucose(C6H12O6) and oxygen gas (O2)), which is essential for plant cellsto produce energy to live. Without wa (MORE)