Can lead burn?

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If it is heated it can.
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What color does lead burn?

Lead burns with a bluish-white flame when ignited. Flame tests useanalysis of flame color to detect the presence of particularelements within a compound.

Can lead burn through leather?

I presume you mean molten lead. It would depend on how thick the leather is and how long the molten lead is in contact, but it could happen.

When did cars stop burning leaded fuel?

in the UK, leaded fuel was banned in the year 2000, it was replaced for a limited time by LRP(lead replacement petrol) but nowhere in the UK has any of these pumps in their st

What can a chemical burn lead to?

Any burn can cause a degradation of the surface layers of the skin and subcutaneous tissue with subsequent scarring. Immediate problems may include pain, fluid loss and infect

How does burning fossil fuels lead to an increase in carbon dioxide?

In the natural carbon cycle, animals exhale carbon dioxide, but plants absorb the gas, with no long-term change in the level, which remained fairly constant in the range 260-2