Can you die from radon gas?

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Yes, you can. It's a very radioactive gas. Over 40,000 people in US and Europe die yearly from lung cancer caused by radon gas. But it's not like in those horror movies where your body melts away. It does not kill you instantly.

You can't see, smell or taste radon gas. And because of that, many people live in houses full of radon without being aware of it. You should do a radon test (link under "Sources and related links" below this answer) to find out if there's radon in your house. Amazon also sells radon test kits, and you should also check in your local area.yes
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What danger does radon gas pose?

Radon gas is radioactive, and as a gas, it is much more dangerous than a liquid or solid because it is airborne and can be inspired. If you breathe in radon and it undergoes r

Is radon a noble gas?

Yes. Radon gas has a fully filled set of orbitals and so is a noble gas. Yes, yes it is. Radon is a noble gas, a term meaning it is an inert gas.

How do you measure Radon gas?

Radon gas is measured in a variety of different ways. These include charcoal canisters, alpha track detectors, and E-Perms (which all require analysis in a lab after the measu
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Can radon gas cause diarrhea?

well it depends how much you drink and even alittle bit can kill you so if you get it in your body you have a little bit of time to live unless you live close to a hospital an