Difference of enrichment media and selective media?

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A Selective media contains antimicrobial agents to inhibit the growth of certain microbes.

An Enrichment Media stimulates the growth of certain bacteria or they may even supress the growth of other for the isolation of the desired bacteria.
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What is selective media?

Answer . Selective media, is made up of certain nutrients that can either inhibit or enhance the growth of certain bacteria and or fungus. This is why they call it selectiv

What is enrichment media?

Enrichment media is typically liquid that favors the growth of anorganism and inhibits the growth of an unwanted bacteria. It ansometimes limit alternate sources of nutrition.

What is enriched media in microbiology?

\n\nWhen a media is prepared which have a nutrient constituent which encourage the growth of particular bacteria or microbe or especially frotified media is called enriched me

What is enriched media?

Enriched media are the selective media in which substances like blood,serum,egg etc are added to the basal medium. They are used to grow the bacteria which are more exacting

Difference between selective media and differential media?

a media is known selective when we add some growth factor for specific type of organisms which are needed, which give support to grow for them only.. and differential media is

What is enrichment media in microbiology?

Enriched media is different from Enrichment media... Enriched media: Blood and other special nutrients may be added to general purpose media to encourage the growth of fastid

Composition of selective media?

selective media isl ike enrichment media with the difference that inhibiting substance is added to solid medium, e.g. deoxycholate citrate medium which contains nutrient agar,

What Different between enriched and enrichment media?

I'm not sure, but i think enriched media contain substances that enhance the growth of most bacteria, like blood agar which enhance the growth of most bacteria, while enrichme

Give Enriched and selective media in microbiology?

enriched media contains complex mixtures of molecules and nutrients needed for growth for example LB media is a commonly used rich media containing salt (NaCl), tryptone and y

What is selective growth media?

these media contain substances that accelerate the growth of required pathogens only and prevent or slow down the growth of other microorganisms. example: XLD agar: it is us

Is TSA selective or differential media?

It is both selective and differential...selective because it allows some microorganisms to grow while preventing others and differential because the reaction of the microorgan