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Discuss the causes of variation Living organisms?

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Causes of variation is random mutation. Random mutations constantly occur in the genomes of organisms; these mutations create genetic variation. If all living things were same, we will all use up one type of food as our nutrient source and eventually we will run out of food to consume.. making less likely for us to survive..
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How is variation causes?

There are several causes for variation that occur within apopulation. Some of these causes include neutral mutations, sexualreproduction, and diploidy.

Variations are caused by?

variation are caused by meiosis as they split and swap bits of chromosomes to the daughter cells to create variation

What are some causes of genetic variation in sexually reproducing organisms?

Aside from mutation the sexually reproducing variation is due to independent orientation of chromosomes in meiosis ( two ways the sister chromatids can line up in their tetrad

What causes DNA variation in organisms?

Mutation of the genetic code causes DNA variation in organisms. For example, during DNA replication, one nitrogen base may be substituted for another, or an extra base can be
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What are variations what causes them?

Variation or traits are due to changes in the genes. The genes are found in the DNA and when they replicate, the process doesn't always work correctly. We have called these mu