Do HEPA air purifiers create ozone?

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HEPA air purifiers don't emit ozone. Only electrostatic air purifiers emit that harmful gases.

However, if your HEPA air purifiers uses a function called the negative ion, it will probably emit a low dose ozone to the air. But unlike an electrostatic air purifier, you can always turn this function off.

If you're thinking of buying an air purifier, avoid an electrostatic model. Such machines have been labelled unsafe by many government agencies and are banned in certain states (like California).

Air-purifier models with an electrostatic precipitator remove pollutant particles by charging them as they pass through and collecting them on an oppositely charged metal plate or filter. In the process, they produce some ozone as a byproduct.
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What are good air purifiers for a house?

There is not a best one for all. It depends on your individual needs and your budget. We use an air purifier that suits our needs and we have been really pleased, it has really made a difference to the quality of sleep that we are getting- we are now waking up feeling more refreshed and less tired! (MORE)

How do air purifiers work?

Electrostatic air purifiers work by charging the air particles. The air particles then are attracted to collecting plates and stay there until the plates are cleaned

Which is the best air purifier?

I have recently bought an air purifier from I saw a demostration measuring the cleanliness of the air. They showed that the air that was coming out of the machine was 100% pure!! We have one of these on our landing, and all of the rooms smell and feel cleaner because of it! I se (MORE)

Are ozone generator air purifiers healthy?

If you only run it when you are not home. If it only puts out less than 0.05 ppm of ozone. If you don't have asthma.. Ozone causes airway restriction due to inflammation. It is very good for destroying odors and most allergens. Get one with a timer, turn it on when you leave, and make sure it has b (MORE)

Name the best air purifier?

I have recently bought an air purifier from I have found my downstairs rooms feeling a lot cleaner since i put it in my downstairs living room. I have also noticed that i am sleeping a lot better since putting it in and also waking up feeling less congested!

Is cabin air filter a HEPA filter?

All I can tell you is it's a very fine filter. And There are two different types that you can buy one is finer than the usual one that comes with the car. Check with a local auto store.

What is a Hot tub ozone purifier?

Ozone is typically applied to the return water stream, pre-filter. It oxidizes some of the organics, and makes them easier to filter out. If you use bromine as your primary sterilant, ozone will reactivate it to hypobromous acid. Ozone and chlorine do not play well together... ozone does what it doe (MORE)

What is hepa?

HEPA is... . HEPA is the generation of Hyper Extra Potential Animals, it is formally used to help animals from connecting to swine flu and other flu viruses. . it is also high efficiency potent ail air, which means basically air around you is helping you breathe :P:D . I HOPE THIS HAS HELPED (MORE)

Do UV air purifiers work?

A UV air purifier along with a HEPA and carbon filter will help clean the air, not only from airborne particles and smoke, but also from germs. The UV light is normally added to combat/kill floating fungus and bacteria. If you live in a damp place (near swamp, leaking pipe etc) you'll probably be (MORE)

Can an air purifier really purify the air?

Yes, they can. But there is a wide variety of effectiveness. Thefirst thing to consider is what type of air purifier you are using.If the air purifier is using a HEPA filter, then it will clean theair. How much air is cleaned depends on a couple of things. Thepurifier can only clean the air that act (MORE)

Can air purifiers control flu?

Well there is a bit of a debate about the type of air purifiers that would kill viruses and bacteria. Ionization type purifiers change the ion structure of the air in the room, this change is believed to kill some viruses and bacteria. Air borne pathogens are killed by several means, ionization and (MORE)

Where can a air purifier be purchased?

You can purchase an air purifier at all "big box" stores like Target and such, but these will generally be of lower quality since they are more affordable. They do sell some good ones at these stores, just make sure it has a HEPA filter. These filters are patented and therefore offer consistent qual (MORE)

How does a carbon filter purify air?

Activated Carbon [fibers] act like a sponge. It is made up of a network of holes that provide "pockets" that absorb odors and gases. The downside to using carbon is the expense of replacement and determining when the carbon is "full".

How do you register your Oreck air purifier?

Registering your Oreck product is easy and can be done online at Have your date of purchase, model number and serial number

What is the best air purifier in home?

The best air purifier for your home will probably be coming from a company called IQAir. This is the company commissioned by the Hong Kong government to help them deal with the bird flu outbreak years ago. But they are not cheap. A cheaper, and more sensible options for most people will be one (MORE)

Ozone air purifier?

Ozone can be good and bad. When ozone is in the atmosphere it is produced and destroyed by UVlight. This UV light is absorbed in the atmosphere and neverreaches the ground. this is a good thing! Ozone can also be used topurify the air, or eliminate bacteria as any oxidizer could. However when involv (MORE)

What are the top selling air purifiers?

Some top selling air purifiers are manufactured by many companies such as Kaz, whirlpool, homedics, and Allen company. Many of these purifiers can be found at Bed Bath and Beyond.

How do indoor air purifiers work?

Indoor air purifiers work by circulating the air through a series of carbon and paper filters to absorb and/or catch small particles or odors. Some have an Ionizer feature that purports to catch electrically charged smaller particles.

Where can you get a Oreck air purifier?

You can get an Oreck Air Purifier at a Oreck Clean Home Center. There is one in Conroe, Houston, and Humble for starters. They range anywhere from $400 all the way to $1000.

What do ionic air purifiers do?

Ionic air purifiers help clean the air. They remove dirt, lint, and dust. They help the air be crisper and help you breathe easier.

What stores carry an air purifier?

Every convenience stores carry an air purifier. Amazon, Target, Walmart, Kmart all carries air purifier. Air purifier can relieve allergies and it is good to have one.

In regards to air filtering what does HEPA stand for?

HEPA is a short form for the term High Efficient Particulate Air which refers to a good quality of air filter which removes harmful pollens and dust particles. A HEPA filter is for removal of particles indoors.

What is the best clean air purifier?

There are many different types of air purifiers, but the best is 3M Filtrete Ultra Clean Air Purifier. This specific air purifier is better than HEPA at capturing airborne particles.

Where can one buy a HEPA air purifier online?

There are many places a person may purchase a HEPA air purifier online. For instance, the HEPA air purifier is available through Radio Shack, Allergy Buyers Club, and Rabbit Air.

How does an air purifier humidifier work?

An air purifier humidifier works by using a technique that changes the air pressure so as to initially intake air, once the air is inside a unique process turns moisture from the air into a gas and outputs it through the other side thus dehumidifying the room.

Where can one purchase Hepa air filters?

Someone can purchase Hepa air filters at their local home improvement store, as well as at many different department stores or generic mass online retailers.

What companies make air purifiers?

There are several companies that make air purifiers. Some of these companies include: Sonoma, Honeywell, IQ Air, Airocide, and Critter Zone. These are considered to be the leaders of the industry.

What is the purpose of rabbit air purifiers?

Rabbit air purifiers provide convenient and unobtrusive air purification. Many Rabbit air purifiers include a HEPA filter which reduces particles including allergens, mold, bacteria, pollen, dust and pet hair.

Where can one find a Hepa air filter?

There are many places to find a good quality HEPA air filter for cheap. You can shop at Amazon, Lowe's, Target, Walmart, Home Depot, Sears, etc. The best thing to do is shop at all of these locations, and find the best quality Hepa air filter for the lowest price.

Where can one purchase an air purifier?

You can purchase an air purifier from Walmart, KMart, and Target. You can also purchase from many online retailers such as Amazon and even eBay. Shop around to find the best deal.

Where can one purchase a Hepa air cleaner?

When looking for a Hepa air cleaner there are many sites available to purchase this product such as best buy, breathing space and Amazon. These all include the product air cleaner by the make of Hepa.

How does a humidifier air purifier work?

A humidifier air purifier works by drawing in air through a filter (the purification process) followed by the air being ejected out with water vapor (the humidifier process).

Where can one purchase hepa filter air purifiers?

HEPA air purifiers can be found in numerous retail locations as well as internet websites. Target, Costco, Lowe's, Home Depot and Best Buy all carry this type of air purifier, as well as replacement air filters.

Where can you buy a Honeywell HEPA air purifier?

Honeywell HEPA air purifiers can be purchased from the official Honeywell Store online or from the websites of Honeywell retailers, such as Canadian Tire, Walmart, and Home Depot. They may also be purchased from the websites of these retailers.

How does a carbon air purifier work?

A carbon air purifier filters and cleans the air by absorbing odors and other gases that are too small to be trapped by other filters. These are often used as an 'add-on' filter.

What is a clarifier air purifier used for?

It is used for a lot of different things like cleaning the air, using the air, smelling the air, or just letting the air be used by other things. They are very good at what they do and do not cost very much either, they are also very small and easy to use. Anybody wanting to have clean air should re (MORE)

What are the advantages of classic air purifier?

An advantage of the classic air purifier is that it costs less than its more modern counterpart. Even though the newer models have new features, not all of the new features will be used by the general populace and therefore, you may be paying extra for unnecessary features.