Do plants grow better under sunlight or artificial light?

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In general, sunlight is better for plant growth as it is intense and contains the full spectrum of electromagnetic radiation required for optimal plant growth.

Artificial light, if it is an ordinary room light, will only support low-light tolerant plants. Most artificial light sources (fluorescent and incandescent) do not provide the full visible light spectrum that is required by plants for optimal growth, this results in plants that are tall and spindly (etiolated) and sometimes discolored.

However, there are special lights with a spectrum that is tailored for growing plants. They have to be on for longer hours than sunlight, but as long as a plant is getting enough light-energy to manufacture its food, it will grow well. It doesn't matter whether that light is coming from the sun or from grow lights.

The downside to extended exposure to light is the plants metabolic functions operate twice as hard for the same amount of output. Recent studies have also highlighted some of the negative aspects of extended photosynthetic periods (extended light reactive period and shortened dark reaction period).

There are times when artificial light has an advantage.

Hydroponic gardening with artificial light makes it possible to grow plants in unreliable climates that are lacking in sunshine - think of the long "night" periods of areas of the northern hemisphere. In some places in Canada forage for animals is produced indoors during the winter months in artificial conditions.

Supplemental lighting is used in horticulture to produce plants in flower outside of their normal flowering period. For instance Christmas cactus, poinsettias, tulips, narcissus, chrysanthemums, etc.

Many houseplants grow better under artificial lamps, not because of the lights, but because it keeps them away from drafty windowsills!

Plants will grow better under sunlight; artificial light lacks the complete spectrum of light provided by the sun. You can purchase "grow lights" which have a special coating on the bulb to produce more light in the spectrum that plants need to photosynthesize. However, they can never completely duplicate natural sunlight.
Artificial lights are produced to help humans see in the dark, so they only need to produce light in the visible spectrum.
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Scientists that have done do plants grow better with sunlight or artificial light?

It depends what you mean by better.. They will grow more naturally in sunlight but can be forced artificially with lights and may produce more and be grown out of season. I would say natural is better but then we have a world to feed.

Is sunlight better than artificial light?

Sunlight is not better or worse than artificial light, but it has advantages and disadvantages depending on the situation. An advantage of sunlight is that it is free. Artificial light has a cost, since it consumes electricity, and electricity is not free. Sunlight is brighter than most artificial lighting (although it is possible to create artificial lighting of any desired brightness) and that is a feature that you might or might not want. Sunlight has a lot of ultraviolet content and can cause sunburn. Sunlight is only available during the day, not at night, unlike artificial light which is available at any time you want it.

Do plants grow better in or out of sunlight?

It depends what plant but generally they need the sun for photosynthesis to occur, so normally they grow better in sunlight.

Which plants grow better in direct sunlight?

Answer . all plants need some light. sunflowers, roses, grape vines, corn, etc are examples of some "direct sunlight" prefering plants. a site i came across listed which perennial plants grow best in the dark so you know which plants dont grow in direct light ( ). (old answer below). yes plants grow better in direct sunlight because the sun gives off nutrients to the plant and the nutrents helps the plant grow.

What types of plants grow better in artificial light a nasturtium or a sunflower?

Both of these flowers require full sunlight to bloom, something which artificial lighting just cannot duplicate without considerable expense (a high-intensity UV growing setup might do the trick). That's not to mention the space required: sunflowers can grow up to 12 feet in height, and even dwarf nasturtium will spread to 30". Unless you are blessed with a commercial greenhouse or a two-story, south-facing atrium, attempting to grow these beauties indoors will only disappoint.

Will plants grow toward sunlight or artificial light?

Yes plants do grow towards sunlight that is why some plants lean to a certain side.

Will a plant grow in artificial light?

Growing plants with artificial light is very popular. Growingplants with artificial light is particularly useful when naturallight is not abundant.

Can a plant grow in artificial light?

Plants are grown in artificial light all the time. As long as the photons of light are of the correct wavelength the plant does not care where the light comes from.

Do plants grow better in sunlight or artifical light?

Natural sun generally wavelenth window nessary for a plant to grow healthy.Werease the typical light bulb is confined to a similar spectrum. Question: plants grow better with sunlight or artificial light? Hypothesis:Plants will grow better in natural sunlight. Materials:2plants 1 lamp 2 dishes for the plants 1 glass of water. I think it really does need sunlight for it to grow healthy ....but I think you already know that. I am doing this because I love it so that i want to do it for my science fair project..i always loved plants because they are sometimes pretty and they grow so fast and that is why i like it. Anyway i think the plant DOES need the real sunlight and not the fake light. Plants make their food from the air as well as the earth.Plants are living organisms belonging to the kingdom Plantae. They include familiar organisms such as trees, herbs, bushes, grasses, vines, ferns, mosses, and green algae. The scientific study of plants, known as botany, has identified about 350,000 extant species of plants, defined as seed plants, bryophytes, ferns and fern allies. As of 2004, some 287,655 species had been identified, of which 258,650 are flowering and 18,000 bryophytes (see table below). Green plants, sometimes called Viridiplantae, obtain most of their energy from sunlight process called photosynthesis.They make their food through their leaves and roots. Things plants need are carbon, hyclrogen, oxygen, and nitrogen and mineral sobstances in the soil. to grow plants need energry. plants need energy to replace worn out cells and to get rid of waste. plants need energy to reproduce as well. I think they do need sunlight instead of artifcal light.When they are dying they have dry soil,hardsoil,black dead leafs. and when they are dead they are grey and black.

What type of light do plants grow better in a grow light a regular light bulb a blacklight or sunlight Why?

Sunlight. Light is measured in Lumens, the Sun emits anywhere from 32,000 and 100,000 lumens per square meter (depending on the location). A typical grow light (High Pressure Sodium / Metal Halide) produces around 50,000 lumens per square foot. In peak conditions, the Sun can double the lumens of any grow light. Also, grow lights arent well rounded in spectrums, Metal halides emit mostly a blue spectrum while High Pressure Sodium Lamps emit mostly red spectrum. The sun is well rounded on both spectrums. The other lights you mentioned cannot be used to grow plants to potential.

Do plants grow better under different colored lights?

yes plants do actually plants grow better under red and white light than any other color.

Can plants grow from artificial light?

It depends if the artificial light gives off enough heat. You'd specifically need a heat lamp.

Do plants grow better in sunlight or dark?

Tthe sunlight. If plants are in a dark place,like a closet, it will have no energy and therefore, it will die.

Can you grow plants in artificial light?

You can grow plants in artificial light. This is through theprocess known as hydroponics which can use incandescent, florescentor LED bulbs within an enclosed environment.

Do plants grow better in sunlight or in the dark?

it depends because, the sun will help the plant grow only if theres water. And it also depends on the type of sunlight

Will a plant grow faster in sunlight or artificial light or no light?

Artificial sunlight will not grow any plants because atificial means fake. Real sunlight will grow plants because its giving the energy thet need. WRONG!! artificial sunlight does grow plants but not as efficiantly as the sun.

Does chives grow better in sunlight or artificial light?

Chives can be grown indoors by a sunny window or outdoors in zonesthree through ten. Chives can grow in sunny areas or areas with alittle bit of shade.

Why do plants grow better under certain wavelengths of light?

because some wavelengths are more simliar to the ones the sun emits and natural light is best for growing plants in which case the more similar they are to the sun's wavelengths they are, the better it is for the plants.

Im doing a science project and you want to know what plant you should use to determine if a plant grows faster in sunlight or artificial light?

use a fast growing plant - some kind of seasonal plant that will give you fast results. an idea would be to use something like a petunia plant (an example of a flowering plant) and leafy green (foliage) plant - such as a lettuce plant - and see what changes if any are exhibited by both types of plant

Will bean plants grow better under sunlight or artificial light?

Bean plants will grow better under sunlight because sunlight has alot of vitamins that artificial light doesn't have.

How do plants grow under artificial light?

Gravitropism's plant response to gravity, phototropism to light. Plant organs such as root and stem tips, and light-sensitive receptors, sense the different wavelengths of blue light and of red. Below ground, gravity and negative sensitivity to blue draw plant roots downward. Above ground, light sensitivity draws plant shoots upward. Stem tips are always sensitive to blue light. Depending upon the plant, they aren't always also sensitive to red. Plant shoots grow toward light, be it artificial or solar, as long as the wavelength of the source matches the wavelength needs of the plant.

Why would plants grow better in sunlight than in the artificial light?

Sunlight contains all the frequencies of light required by theplant for photosynthesis; where as artificial light sourcessometimes do not cover all parts of the spectrum.

Why is sunlight better than artificial light?

Sunlight has all the natural spectra of light from red to violet in a proportionate way in artificial light some wavelengths are meagre or even missing.

What is the abstract of do plants grow better under sunlight or artificial light?

Depending on your lighting situation outdoors. But in your "artificial lighting" you can control you environment to a set focus that you prefer unlike my plants. I prefer the art of artificial lighting via I can control the maximum heat and output of lighting.

What light grows plants faster blue artificial light or red artificial light?

If you use blue light in the day and red light at night it should grow twice as fast but, I would use red.

Can plants grow with artificial light?

Plants are grown in artificial light all the time. As long as the photons of light are of the correct wavelength the plant does not care where the light comes from.

Why do plants grow better under the sunlight?

Having sunlight means they can do photosynthesis, which is an essential process for a plant.

You are conducting an experiment to see if bean plants grows faster in sunlight or artificial light light bulb What would be your independent variable?

· rate of growth. · Soil porosity and absorption - If soil absorbs too much water, the plant "smothers," because no air pockets can form around the roots.. (i think)

Will plants grow taller in artificial light or sunlight?

Yes they can because it is still normal light just from electricity but,sun light is better.

Do plants grow better in direct sunlight?

yes because they use the sunlight to create photosynthesis which is where their leaves take in sunlight for the key nutrients they need

Can you grow a plant using artificial light?

Yes it is possible to grow plants using artificial light as long as the frequencies and quality of light supplied is acceptable. An extreme example of this practice is where Marijuana plants are grown indoors in an artificial environment so that they are not detected by authorities

Do plants grow better on direct sunlight limited sunlight are no sun light?

Direct Sunlight, but they can survive in limited with an adaptation called geotropism where the plant grows towards the light

Why don't plants grow better in artificial light?

The reason why plants do not grow between in artificial light isbecause the energy that is transmitted to the plants is not asstrong as that which comes from the sun. Natural sunlight is alsomore equally distributed to plants than artificial light would be.

How do plants grow in artificial light verses sunlight?

they grow very well if the quantity and quality of the light is good for plant growth. sunlight is hard to beat though.

What plants grow better in direct sunlight?

The amount of solar radiation is highly variable depending on altitude and geographical location. You will need to provide the above information with your question since direct sunlight is not same everywhere. http://i31.tinypic.comiw5frn.jpg

How come a plant can grow under sunlight but not lamp light?

Most plants will do just fine under artificial light too, as long as the light appears about the same as sunlight to human eyes.

''Recomendation of Plants grow better with sunlight than artificial light''?

Natural sunlight should be the first choice. Indoor houseplants will almost always benefit from indirect light. Flowering plants need bright indirect or direct sunlight while flowering. In a windowless environment, florescent lighting is a satisfactory substitute for natural light. Or, there are many types of grow lights available from nurseries and landscape facilities. Mercury vapor lighting is the worse lighting for plants. However, that is not very common in today's offices.

Can plant grow on artificial light?

Most greenhouses use artificial lighting (or grow lights) to supplement daylight, for instance, to trick the plant into thinking it is a long hot summer day when it is snowing outside. The latest technology uses LED light bulbs, which can be designed to emit the colors of light that best suit photosynthesis, mostly 80% red and 20% blue LEDs rather than trying to emulate the full daylight spectrum. Heating is usually provided by dedicated heaters, so infrared lighting is not necessary. Ultraviolet light has a disinfecting role in natural sunlight, so it may be needed, although there are no studies about its importance in a sanitary controlled environment such as a greenhouse. Plants are not just about chlorophyll though, it is not entirely clear if other light frequency in the daylight spectrum may benefit plant growing for other reasons, especially if growing them totally out of a natural daylight environment. So yes, plants can grow entirely on artificial light, like underground or maybe on the International Space Station, not even in a green house. But apart from marijuana, there is currently no plant that is grown entirely on artificial light, so we don't have sufficient information to tell if just red and blue lights are viable in the long term. LED lighting is also much cheaper to run than other artificial light sources, and the best LED grow light panels are usually assembled in such a way that you can adjust by software the ratio of red vs. blue light, for different stages of the culture (seedlings, flowers), different crops (leafy vs. root vegetables), seasons, regions, etc. Red and blue light does not look strong enough to us, but it is because human eyes are more sensible to green/yellow light. For a plant, these LED lights are plenty, assuming you follow the manufacturer's instructions. LEDs run on DC current, so they are also perfect for DC power sources such as solar panels, reducing the power usage even more than the LED lights in our houses, which require a DC/AC converter and a huge heat dissipator because of heat generated by the converter. I linked a few reputable LED manufacturers' web sites.

A plant does not grow under artificial light because it does not have the nutrients that sunlight has?

sunlight does not contain nutrients! it comprises of various wavelengths of light - some which the plant uses and others not

Does a plant grow better with sunlight or from a fertilized plant using a light bulb?

Light is light and a photon is a photon wherever it comes from. The fertilizer ( especially if rich in nitrogen ) is another matter.

Do plants grow better under sunlight or artificial light conclusions?

its better to grow in the sunlight because it will be real,natural light.and plants are part of nature so it's better to use natural thing for them

Why do plants grow quicker under lamp light than sunlight?

it grows better in lamplight because lamplight provides a closer surrounding and can still make the plant get energy where the sun is further away making the minerals and soil take longer to make food for the plant.

Why do plants grow better under fluorescent lights than under sunlight?

The sun emits all sorts of colored waves that are good for both flowers and foliage. If you are looking to grow a plant with a lot of foliage you need a light that emits a blue wave, which would be the fluorescent club. An incandescent emits a red wave good for flowers but be careful not to put them too close or they will get burned. Sort answer you fluorescent gives the specific wave needed for exponential growth. Hope that helps.

Do plants grow better in sun light or in artificial light?

a plant grows better in sunlight then artificial light because artificial light is not a good conductor of heat. sunlight also has more energy then artificial light has.

Do plants grow better under naturall light or artificiall light?

Natural Light because it sends of nutrients to the plant and is better for photosynthesis.

Does a plant grow better in sunlight or light bulb light?

Depends on the plant some grow better in darker places but if it needs light go with the sun it's free

Do plants grow better with natural or artificial light?

They grow better with natural light because it is natural every plant needs something natural besides water!

Do plants grow better under higher intensity of light?

High Intensity Grow Lights For Plants: High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights are commonly used by indoor cannabis growers because of its lumens-per-watt efficiency, spectral balance and brilliance. To maximize production per watt a grower must keep manage the light close to the plant but not burn the plant. When using grow lights for plants the intensity of the light and the light's distance from the plant must be considered. Light intensity doubles for every 6 inches closer an HID is to the plant. Therefore using several small lamps with lower wattage can often cover more real estate better than one large, high wattage lamp. Some benefits include: . More points of source light . More even distribution of light . Able to put lights closer to plants The most common HID lights for growing are metal halide and high pressure sodium. Metal Halide (MH) Metal halide grow lights for plants produce an abundance of cooler, blue light. This light promotes leafy, bushy growth making makes MH bulbs good for early to vegetative phase of a plant. These bulbs have about 12,000 hours of life or two years of 18hour/daily use, the recommended hours for vegetative growth. It's a good idea to track the bulb's life so you know when to replace it. The bulb's gradual decline in intensity will rob your plants of needed light spectrum so don't wait till the bulb burns out before replacing it. And keep spares on hand. MH bulbs also come in super metal halides which go to eleven. Super metals put out approximately 15% more lumens.

Do plants grow better in artificial light or under sunlight?

Under artificial light, plants are not subject to weather conditions, insects, parasitic and aggressive plants. Also the light is more consistent and can be provided for more hours. So the consensus must be that plants will grow better under artificial light rather than natural light unless their species is particularly sensitive to the wave length of the light.

What plants grow better with morning sunlight?

There are a few plants that grow better with morning sunlight. Someof the plants are spring bloomers, pansy and sunflowers.