Do you have any recourse if your husband divorced you without you knowing it even though he had your phone number and knew how to contact you and in doing this you got nothing from your assets?

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You should immediately retain an attorney to investigate the status of the divorce proceeding and advise of the remedies available to you. Divorce laws vary from state to state, so it is impossible to answer this question without more details.
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Do you have any legal recourse when the seller didn't disclose a known engine problem even though you signed an As-Is contract?

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What should you do if your husband confessed he is physically attracted to someone else but says he loves you yet their long phone conversations hurt you even though there is no physical contact?

if your husband is connecting with another woman on an emotional or physical level, he is not getting from the relationship with you what he should be. Ditch him and find somebody who thinks you are enough for them and doesn't need to have long phone conversations with another woman. Even if the rel (MORE)

Can you file for divorce without knowing where your husband lives if he's in another state?

Filing For Divorce Knowing Your Husband Is In Another State: . There is a Statute of Limitations which can vary from State to State. In Canada it's 7 years as long as you haven't had contact.. Please go on: Type in: Statute of Limitations for divorce laws in ___ca_______(put you (MORE)

If you were out of town and when you got back you found a girl's phone number on your boyfriend's cell phone and he said he didn't even know it was there how do you get to the truth?

Answer . \nHe could be telling the truth, but if this were to happen again phone the #! Ask who it is, and ask this person why they are calling. Don't accuse them of anything in case it is work related, but if she is seeing your boyfriend she will have great joy in telling you on the phone. Yo (MORE)

What should you do when your family runs down your husband continuously and have starting doing it in front of your children even though they have been asked to stop?

Don't Ask, TELL . Stop asking. Tell them that they have to stop running him down, especially in front of the children, or you will no longer be around them AND DO IT!. By running him down, they are not trusting your judgment in staying with this guy--you two have worked it out and they need to s (MORE)

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If ex is not contacting you is he doing you a favor for your own good to move on even though he did initiate contact for a few months after breakup Why sudden change?

About Expectations! . Like the song says: the party's over! Why do you expect anything from your Ex? Yes, I can understand that it is difficult to accept that the person you were once intimate with, can so easily forget you. But let's be honest. With most breakups we skip remembering the bad time (MORE)

If a wife contracts a disease MS and then the husband decides he wants to divorce her while they are both covered by group health care does she have any recourse for health care after the divorce?

If she's willing to fill out a painful amount of forms, she should have access to Medicaid. . More info: . As for Medicaid, that depends on the financial and health status of the wife as to whether or not she will be eligible for Medicaid. But neither of those should affect her eligibility for M (MORE)

Do all cell phone companies list out-going numbers on statements and would the company tell me if I call to ask them even though I'm not the primary account holder and my husband is?

Depending on your cell phone company, yes, they are on your statement, along with the amount of time spent talking. As for whether they'll actually release them to you if you don't have the statement in hand, it all depends on how much information you can finagle. Usually they have some sort of a (MORE)

Your husband keeps in contact with his ex-wife even though he knows you do not like it you struggled badly a whole year and almost broke up Now he is back in touch with her again What is wrong?

If there are children involved then your husband has to be in contact with his ex wife because of the children. However, if there are no children involved there is no need for him to be in contact with his ex wife and you need to make it clear to him that it is either her or you. Let him know you ar (MORE)

Can you file for divorce if you don't have contact with your husband?

Yes. If you know where he is, he can still be served with the papers. It is then up to him to show up for the divorce proceedings. There is a process for trying to serve papers, including publishing the info in the newspaper if he can't be found. Go ahead and file. You'll still be able to get your d (MORE)

Can I divorce my husband without him in Mexico?

The law looks at marriage as a partnership contract and if one does not wish to remain in the contract any more (divorce) then they do not have to. This holds true whether or not the other spouse is present or wishes to stay in the marriage. That being said, divorces in other countries must confor (MORE)

What recourse does a wife have when the husband has committed adultery in Virginia and the woman will not go away even though the husband has told her to?

A wife will never know for sure if their husband actually told the other woman to stay away or he is encouraging it. The only way the wife can prove if he is telling the truth is to tell him to press harassment charges against her. If she is showing up at their home or is everywhere the husband is t (MORE)

Family court judge was friends with my husbands family and a relative worked in court. Even though my husband ignored the restraining orders pertaining to assets and lied about his income and finances?

You should have requested that judge recuse himself from the proceeding. It is much more difficult to complain after the fact . If you were represented by an attorney you should file a complaint with your state board of bar overseers and also a complaint with the commission that oversees judge (MORE)

Do you have any recourse against a creditor who garnished your bank account twice even though the court order was for a single garnishment?

The first thing the garnishee should do is determine if it was a wrongful garnishment. In general garnishment writs can be renewed every thirty days. The purpose being the garnisher is legally allowed to recover all the monies owed even if it requires multiple garnishment action. The creditor/garnis (MORE)

Who to contact if your husband remarried and didnt divorce you?

You should contact the local police department. It is a crime in most jurisdictions to knowingly marry someone else while you are still married to your spouse. In that case, the second marriage is invalid. You should contact the local police department. It is a crime in most jurisdictions to knowin (MORE)

My husband thought he was divorced. We just got married and now he's filing for divorce in Las Vegas. We know our marriage is voided. Can he get in trouble?

He is not your husband. You can only be married to one person at a time in the United States. It is against the law to knowingly marry while still married to another person. That crime is called bigamy. It is difficult to erroneously "think" you are divorced when you have never received a judgment o (MORE)