Does Nebraska have deserts?

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No, Nebraska has no true deserts. It does have large areas of semiarid grasslands but no deserts.

Where are the deserts?

Deserts are located on every continent. Ever Europe has a few smallpatches of desert. The entire continent of Antarctica is desertexcept for immediately along some coastlines.

What is there to do in Nebraska?

It all depends on what time of year you are visiting and what part of NE you are visiting... If you are looking for good family things to do we have the one and only Henry Doo

What are in deserts?

In deserts, the location is multitude. Genarlly hot all year around. Animals: Rodents, snakes, lizards, tortise, incects, and some birds The Sahara in Africa is home to camels

What is in the desert?

Evening Desert Safari Sharjah have adapted ways to help them keepcool and use less water. Camels, for example, can go for dayswithout food and water. Many desert animals are n

What was a deserters?

A deserter is a person that leaves his position in the military without the permision of his/her military leaders.

What can you do in Nebraska?

You can go hiking,have a picnic,go to sporting events,and spend time outside.You may also look at the beauty in Nebraska.
In Deserts

What is the desert?

The desert is defined as a region that receives less than 10 inches(250 mm) of precipitation on average per year.