Does a clam reproduce sexually or asexually?

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Clams reproduce sexually.
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Do Mollusks reproduce sexually or asexually?

Most mollusks reproduce sexually, but many of them are also hermaphroditic (both male and female), and are able to impregnate others while also becoming pregnant themselves. S

How does a goldfish reproduce sexually or asexual?

A goldfish reproduce sexually. In order for goldfish to reproduce, their must be DNA provided by both a male and female goldfish. A goldfish is just to complex to be able to r

Does a clam have sexual or asexual reproduction?

\nClams have sexual reproduction. A male clam releases his sperm into the water at the same time that a female clam releases her eggs into the water. Somehow the male and fema
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Do angelfish reproduce sexually or asexually?

sexually. Asexual reproduction is really rare in multicellular organisms. Prokaryotes reproduce asexually, and are normally single-celled. Aphids can clone themsleves, and app