Does the Roman God Jupiter have a weakness?

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Zeus's Weaknesses: Gets in trouble over love affairs, can be moody.
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Why was the Roman god Jupiter worshipped?

Jupiter . He was the almighty and controlled the sky and also the rain. So, since they needed to have rain to water their crops they appeased Jupiter and his family.

Why is Jupiter named after a roman god?

Actually, the roman god was named after the planet Jupiter. This is because Jupiter is the largest planet in our galaxy. This made it very natural for the Ancient Romans to be

Why was Jupiter named after the roman god Jupiter?

The Romans named it in honor of their god, Jupiter, following in the tradition of naming observable planets after members of their pantheon. Jupiter was the king of the gods,

Where did Jupiter the roman god come from?

(Response based on "A Smaller Classical Dictionary", E.H. Blakeney, editor, dated 1910) The Roman god Jupiter, the "Optimus Maximus", the highest and most powerful of the g

What were the powers the Roman god Jupiter had?

Jupiter (known as Zeus in Greek Mythology) was Lord of the Sky. He controlled the sky (the weather is included in that) and commanded all the other Gods, seeing as he is the m
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Jupiter is the name of what roman god?

The Planet Jupiter is named after the roman god Jove is the roman name for Zeus. Zeus is the most powerful god of all.