Fixing pin hole in hot water line exiting water heater?

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If copper, drain the water out of the pipe, clean the spot and solder over the hole. Steel, either replace a section of pipe, take apart and reassemble making sure the joints have enough dope or teflon tape on them to seal.
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How do you connect two water heaters in series with a hot water recirculation line?

you want your cold line coming tying into both inlets on the water heaters and the hot lines tied onto the outlet side of the water heaters evenly (so they get even draw and o

Why would the water heater cold water supply and the hot water exit both be hot?

There should be a non return valve on the cold water side of the hot water tank. When there is no non return valve the water in the tank heats up and expansion of the water wi

How do you fix a hot water heater?

most water heaters rust out from the bottom or at he top where the pipes lead into them. the amount of time and effort to try and fabricate a fix would not serve the owner un

Why is a hot water heater called a hot water heater?

It is called this as it heats up or brings up the temperature of cold water to hot. In other words, it is producing hot water by heating it. Some people incorrectly believe it

Need to replace hot water lines. Do you need to turn off the hot water heater if you shut off the main water line?

Yes. I would. If you are replacing the hot water lines, it is also a good time to drain the hot water heater and get rid of all the junk at the bottom of the hot water heater.

Where is the cold water line on a hot water heater?

The two pipes going into the heater should be marked with either Hot and Cold or a H and C. There should be a shut off valve on the cold side, but sometimes there is one on bo

How can you fix the low water pressure from the hot water heater?

Your HWH usually is not the problem, most likely the problem is at the faucet. Older homes or home where the mineral content is high can have "buildups" of minerals in the fau