Forces that sculpture the earth's surface?

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I think it is the force created by the nature or natural forces.Such as the volcanic eruption,running water,wind and erosion.
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How can you calculate the force of gravity that earth exerts on an object at the earth's surface?

Answer . The force due to gravity is usually measured by a device called the Atwood machine, basically a pulley system with two unequal weights on both sides. By measuring the time it takes for the masses to fall a certain distance, the gravitational force can be calculated. Other ways to calcu (MORE)

What is the distance from Earth's surface to Earth's orbit?

It could be that you intend to ask another question and were unsure how to ask it. Obviously enough the entire body of the earth is orbiting the sun, but it is the center of gravity that comes close to tracking the actual line of the orbit. [Here I am unsure; it may be the barycenter, the center of (MORE)

The force of gravity causes all objects near Earth's surface to fall with what acceleration?

The force of gravity causes all objects near the earth's surface to fall with exactly 9.80665 m/s 2 (approx. 32.174 ft/s 2 ). The statement in the question is accurate except for the actual magnitude of the earth's gravitational constant.. The earth's gravitational constant g (or g o or g n (MORE)

What forces change earth's surface?

In order of Amount of effect Wind Water fall and flow Water ice expansion volcanic and tectonic . thermochemical Reactions Simple weight of high structure deform lower structures (mountains) silt buildup plant roots and decaying organic matter Solar Radiation Impacting astral bodies Rota (MORE)

A force that builds up landmasses on the earth's surface?

When the Indian Tectonic Plate crashed into the European Plate, thesofter Indian Plate was forced downwards and underneath theEuropean Plate. This caused the European Plate to rise up and formthe Himalayas. Volcanoes are also forming land, with new islands rising out of thesea. Surtsey , near Icela (MORE)

Why is the force of gravity not exactly the same everywhere on Earth's surface?

Two reasons: 1. Different distances from the Earth's center; 2. A "centrifugal force" that counteracts gravity in part. Two reasons: 1. Different distances from the Earth's center; 2. A "centrifugal force" that counteracts gravity in part. Two reasons: 1. Different distances from the Earth's cente (MORE)

Explain why the force of gravity is not exactly the same everywhere on earth's surface?

The elevation, i.e. radius from the center of the Earth, is not constant around the Earth. You have mountains and you have oceans, with widely varying elevation. Also, the radius of the Earth at the equator is larger than the radius at the poles, also making a difference in elevation. Recall that (MORE)

What is the force of gravity on a 500-N woman standing on Earth's surface?

The force acting on the woman is equal to 500 N as stated in the question!. Remember: Force (N) = Mass (kg) x Acceleration (ms -2 ). As such to create that force an acceleration must act on a mass. The gravitational acceleration at Earth's surface is equal to approximately 9.82 ms -2 . As s (MORE)

What is the force of gravity on an object near the Earth's surface?

The Force applied by the Earth gravitational force Generally it depends on the mass of the object as well as the location of the object because both can make different equations. As per as it is censored the force applied by the earth due to its gravitational force on each and every object (MORE)

What is the force of gravity on the earth's surface?

The acceleration due to gravity on the surface of Earth is about 9.8m/s 2 . That's the same for all objects and doesn't depend on the mass of the object. However, the force on an object depends on the mass of the object. That's why different people have different weights, and why most peop (MORE)

What forces magma to Earth's surface?

Generally, its higher temperature. The temperature of a rising magma is generally higher than the temperature of its surrounding rocks. Because of its higher temperature, it is also lighter compared to the surrounding rocks (it has a lower density), so it rises. Imagine a hot air balloon: it rise (MORE)

Calculate the force of Earth's gravity on a spacecraft 3.00 Earth radii above the Earth's surface if its mass is 1450 kg?

1580 n actually this answer is wrong, here's the right one with workings. when the surface acceleration and radius are known, the equation for acceleration at another point is: a = ( sa / ( ( d/r )^2 ) ) key: sa = surface acceleration (earth = 9.81 ( m/s )/s ) d = distance from earths centre (MORE)

How do destructive forces affect earth's surface?

Destructive forces affect the Earth because a destructive force is a process in which Earth's landforms are broken down by: weathering, erosion, landslides, volcanic eruptions, earth quakes, and floods. Rivers keep eroding the land under neath it so it keeps going farther and farther down. (That's h (MORE)

What forces affect rocks above the earth's surface?

The main force that affects the rocks on the earth's surface is heat and erosion. Erosion causes rocks to have landslides and heat changes their structure causing them to take place as different structures.

What force allows asteroids to fall from orbit and hit Earth's surface?

The asteroids that strike earth's surface do not fall from orbit.Asteroids have fairly small masses, so their orbits are easilyaltered by interactions with other objects. Sometimes the orbit ofan asteroid is changed such that its orbit intersects Earth'sorbit. If the timing works out so that the ast (MORE)