How are sounds produced?

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Sounds are nothing more than disruptions in the air. They can happen with varying degrees of intensity (amplitude) and frequency (frequency). Amplitude correlates with loudness, and frequency correlates with pitch (how high or low the sounds are). Sound waves can also vary in complexity, giving rise to a given sound's timbre. Sound can be transmitted by materials other than air.
Sounds are produced when objects vibrate. As they vibrate, particles of air are pushed together in a particular pattern. this pattern is a sound wave. Sound energy travels in compressional waves. In this, matter vibrates in the same direction as the energy travels through it.
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How do you produce sounds?

By making the air vibrate, usually by means of a vibrating source such as a voice, a tuning fork, a speaker, a bell and so on.

How the sound is produced?

by movement or air molecules which you produce from your mouth its basically the vibrations answer by manohar madhavarapu

How are sounds produced by vibrating objects heard by the human ear?

Sound waves start vibrations on the sensitive part of your ear. As the sound waves reach the eardrum located within the ear, the eardrum begins to vibrate in the same way as t

Where is sound produced?

sound can be produced in any medium - air, water and solids too, but most of the sounds we hear are through air. Animals like dolphins produce sound in water and hear it there
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What is sound and how it is produce?

Sound is vibrations in a physical medium (usually air). Sound is produced by a release of energy that causes a vibration in the medium. Sound can not therefore be in a place w
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How sound is produces?

Sound is produced by vibration in the air. For example, when you speak your vocal cords vibrate, causing a sound. Your ears sense the vibration and tell your brain about the c
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Where and how are sounds produced when you talk?

Sounds are compressed air waves interpreted by the tympanic membrane (aka ear drum) in your ear. Sounds originate from the larynx (aka voice box) in your throat, when two musc
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What produces sound-?

Sound is caused by vibrations. The object making the sound vibratesthe medium around it. Sound waves have areas of high and lowpressure.
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How is sound produced?

all sound is produce by vibration that create waves that move outward from the source sound waves that produce vibrations that makes the tiny bone in your ear vibrate and the