How can you use a scatter plot to find an equation of a trend line?

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By finding the line of best fit and using the straight line equation formula.
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How can you find an equation for a trend line?

There are numerous ways to do this. I think the easiest is to put the data in excel and have excel show the trend line, equation, andcorrelation coefficient. Excel gives you s

How do you find slope for a scatter plot?

it is impossible to find the exact slope of a scatter plot. instead you must find the line of best fit. if you find it with a graphing calculator, it is easy. you go to STAT

How do you find a line of best fit from scatter plot?

The line of best fit is simply the line that shows the general direction of the graph. The trick is to make the line go through as many points on the graph as possible. Some s
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What is a scatter plot line graph used for?

Scatter plot line graphs are used: . In research to see trends . by Actuaries to predict insurance rates . by economist to predict the economy The general idea is to d
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When a trend line is drawn on a scatter-plot there are 4 points above the trend line about how many points should be below the trend line?

The amount an individual point departs from the trend line is the important feature, not that the number above and below should be balanced. A point that is much further awa