How did Homo sapiens first hunt?

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Mostly as a scavenger (eating the dead meat for other animal kills). Homo sapiens could throw rocks at small prey, they could cooperate and stampede herds off of cliffs.
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What is the name of the first homo sapien?

Adam (The above answer is unverified and currently unverifiable. Homo sapiens originated in Africa, while Adam is associated with Eden, a prehistoric, Biblically-cited pl

Does homo sapiens hunt wild animals?

Yes they do, Homo Sapiens are Mammals. Hunting is often a popular sport among humans, unfortunately most of it is not for food but for sport.

Did Homo sapiens hunt alligators?

Answer The name Homo sapiens refers to modern humans, so no doubt the native Americans did hunt alligators. However, the Homo sapiens of the biblical Near East, or of Afri

First homo sapiens were known as?

That is unknown, however considering that most tribes names for themselves in their own language is something like "the people", if the first modern humans already had languag

Did homo sapien neanderthalensis hunt together?

They lived in groups and cared about each other, so they hunted in groups. If one got hurt hunting, they would help you heal and feel emotion for you. Scientists think they we