How did the ancient astonomers know the planets were different from the stars?

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The planets move in their own trajectory which is different than the stars in the background. All the stars appear to circle the North star.
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What planet did the ancient Greeks not know about?

The greek Aristotle writted a theorie of the universe based on what Greeks considered geometrical perfect bodies; 5 bodies, then 5 planets: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and

How do you know if your looking at a star or a planet?

2 things separate them visually. First, planets move. You won't see this in one night, but if you watch the object from night to night, you will see that it has moved a sho

How did ancient astronomers know the difference between planets and stars?

\n. \n. \nAncient astronomers can tell the difference the same way you can tell now - the planets move, while the stars stay in the same patterns. The word "planet" comes f

What is an astonomer?

One who studies astronomy - which is basically the study of the Universe, of things which are mainly outside of planet Earth.

Which planet is one astonomical unit from the sun?

Earth. An Astronomical Unit is a unit of distance measure defined as the mean (average) distance between the Earth and the Sun; thus, the earth orbits the sun at a distance

How do you know that stars have planets orbiting them?

There are two tools that astronomers use to determine that a far-off star has planets. 1. Occultation: When a planet passes in between the Earth and another star, it is cal

How do you know that stars have planets?

In a very few recent cases we have directly observed the planets. Most exoplanets (planets orbiting other stars) are detected through periodic wobbles in the light of the star

How do you know which stars have planets?

What an excellent question. It appears you already realize that if you are talking about stars other than our sun, you are talking about stars that are many lightyears away fr

How scientist know stars have planets?

Planets can cause the star to have a very slight wobble or shift in normal path. This is picked up by a spectrogram. Some planetary systems actually have dust clouds around th

What is the astonomical planet for Aries?

In astronomy, Aries (latin for 'ram') is a constellation recognizedboth in ancient and modern times, visible in the northernhemisphere. This is not to be confused with Ares, t

What was different about planets and stars in ancient times?

Almost nothing was different, except our understanding of things. The stars have been shining for millions or billions of years; all the planets have been pretty much just whe