How do cactus plants survive in the desert?

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Cactus (as most desert plants) plants survive in near desert conditions, on almost no water.

They manage this because of several adaptations to their stems and leaves that they have developed over their long evolution. Cacti look swollen because they have adapted their stems and leaves to store as much water as possible and to lose as little water as possible by evaporation. They also have a very thick and waxy cuticle which cuts down water loss to the absolute minimum.

Their leaves are reduced to spines, again to retain more water (flat leaves lose loads of water by evaporation).

The whole of the stem is green and contains photosynthetic cells, so the plant does not need broad leaves to pick up light. There is plenty of light around anyway, so the plant can photosynthesize very well for most of the day.
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How does a cactus survive in the desert?

The cacti (in general) have made many modifications to collect,store and retain water. Adaptations include: . a low surface to volume ratio to reduce evaporation . a waxy outer layer to prevent transpiration of water . a modified CO2 scavenging system to allow CO2 capture withminimum water loss (MORE)

How is a cactus plant adapted to survive in the desert?

It can absorb and retain lots of water in a short time for later use It performs photosyntesis in a CAM system which saves lots of water It keeps the stomata closed during the day and absorbs CO2 at night It's leaves are thorns and the stem performs photosyntesis It's bloom is aimed at deser (MORE)

How do flowers help cactus plants survive in the desert?

Flowers help cactus plants survive in the desert by attracting pollinators . Because of pollination, the cactus plants may have fruits full of seeds. For example, the giant saguaro cactus [ Carnegiea gigantea ] depends upon bats for pollination of its huge, light colored bat blossoms.

How do saguaro cactus plants survive?

The saguaro cactus [ Carnegiea gigantea ] survives by the team work of its modified body parts and jobs . Specifically, the saguaro cactus stem grows so tall and thick that its appearance is treelike. The thickness protects the water supplies that are moved, processed and stored inside the plant (MORE)

How do cactus survive in the desert?

CATUS ARE AWSOME. Cacti (plural) is a common name given to a groupof xerophytic plants (adapted to dry regions). They are able to survive to to a number of unique adaptations totheir morphology. They have long roots that spread out just under the surface insearch of water, they grow more roots (fe (MORE)

How do pricky pear cactus plants survive?

One way that the prickly pear cactus [ Opuntia spp ] survives is by its defense mechanisms. It has branching or fleshy stems that are covered with barbed spines and bristles . The spines are difficult to remove once lodged in someone or something other than the cactus because of the barbs. Both (MORE)

What plants survive in the gobi desert?

Wild thyme, red trees and saxaul trees all survive the gobi desert. the saxaul tree is the most important, it protects the gobi deserts soft soil and also are home to animals. they store water in their woody bark and can grow to about 6 to 12 feet high. i hope this information was a good help.

How is a cactus plant adapted to living in the desert?

It has spines on its stem to protect itself from the animals eating it. Also it can prevent lots of water going out from the leaf because less water comes out from the spines. It has stems to store water, and big root underground to absorb as much water as possible. I hope this can help you!!^^

How do prickly pear cactus plants survive?

The main way by which the prickly pear cactus [ Opuntia spp ] survives is through growing low to the ground. It does so as a plant that sports prickly pads, or as one that has low branching arms. This particular growth pattern decreases the distance that drops of moisture travel from the plant's (MORE)

How are cactus adapted to survive in a desert?

the plants growing in deserts have adaptations to prevent water loss for example cactus: 1. has no leaves to prevent water loss through transpiration. 2. stem is modified in such a way that it performs photosynthesis. 3.root system is well developed and grows in deep in search of water.

What are the plants that can survive in the desert?

A type of plants called CAM (Crassulacean Acid Metabolism) plants are suited to live in extremely dry places such as the desert. For CAM plants, they use a specialized photosynthesis that takes the carbon dioxide up during the night and closes the stomata during the day. This allows them to reduce w (MORE)

How do cactus plants feed and survive?

Cactus plants feed and survive on dissolved nutrients and water from the soil. The nutrients include minerals and trace elements. The water and nutrient solutions move from the roots to the stem. Above ground, the photosynthetic interaction with sunlight results in energizing starches and sugars (MORE)

Can cactus plants survive without stomata?

No , a cactus can't survive without stomata. Each stoma is a breathing pore whose opening is controlled on both sides by guard cells. The pores are the points of gas exchange between the cactus and the outside world. For example, the pores release oxygen, for the purification of the environment; and (MORE)

How do beaver tail cactus plants survive in the desert?

The beaver tail cactus [ Opuntia basilaris ] grows in the bright, drab, dry, extreme environments of the southwestern United States of America. Specifically, it's found in the Colorado and Mojave Deserts. Additionally, it's located across the border, in northwestern Mexico. In this extreme environme (MORE)

How many cactus plants live in the desert?

It's difficult to account for how many cactus plants live in the desert. A census must take in private and public property. It also must cross borders from the United States of America into Mexico. There are many and it is practically impossible to tell the exact number.

Can a plant that lives in the desert like cactus survive in a rainforest?

There are some species of cactus that live in the rainforest.Generally, however, a cactus requires well drained, dry soilotherwise it developes root rot that usually kills the plant. Manyspecies of prickly pear cactus, however, can adapt to almost anybiome and could probably live in some areas of a (MORE)

How do cactus plants collect water in the desert?

The fibrous, shallow roots of the desert cactus plant collect water. They spread out quickly and widely in search of below ground water. They're helped by the cactus' modified leaves . . Cactus leaves are modified into thorns, spines, spikes, quills, prongs, or bristles. They have a leaner, narr (MORE)

Is a cactus a desert plant?

yes it is it has small needles that help it not to loose alot of water and to scare of preditors it stores the water in its hump

Are cactus plants found in deserts?

Yes, cacti are found in some deserts, but are not the only type ofplant found in desert areas. See related questions Clarification: There are several species of cactus that are native to rain forestand grasslands.

How the stem of a cactus plant help the plant to survive?

The leafless, spiny stem is the characteristic feature of the majority of cacti (and all of those belonging to the largest subfamily, the Cactoideae). The stem is typically succulent, meaning it is adapted to store water. The surface of the stem may be smooth (as in some species of Opuntia ) or cov (MORE)

How does a cactus plant die out in the desert?

Cacti may die of old age, disease, insect infestation (scale, etc.)lack of water, being eaten by animals such as javelina, beingcrushed by large animal hooves, human damage caused by off-roadersand ATVs, drowning during flooding, root rot caused by excessiverain, unusually cold weather, etc.

How does a cactus help you survive in a desert?

Cactuses are thrifty plants that live in dry regions. They may not get much moisture where they live, but they manage to make the most of what they do get. Since the cactus's long roots lie close to the surface of the ground, they can catch water from desert rains. And since the roots have a cork-li (MORE)

Can plants survive in most deserts?

Well, it depends on the type of plant. If it's a cactus plant, then it could live longer. If it's a regular plant such as a flower, it will not survive long.

What cactus plants are found in the Patagonia Desert?

Cacti of the Patagonian Desert: Austrocactus Austrocactus bertinii Austrocactus coxii Austrocactus gracilis Austrocactus hibernus Austrocactus patagonicus Austrocactus spiniflorus Echinopsis Echinopsis leucantha Gymnocalycium Gymnocalycium gibbosum var. brachypetal (MORE)

What characteristic of cactus plant help it to survive in the desert?

It can store water inside itself. Also, its thorns prevent most predators from trying to eat or destroy it. Lastly, the cactus plant also has roots that go extremely deep into the dry desert ground, and it can find much water while other shallow-rooted plants are thirsty and wilting.

Why is the desert suited for cactus to survive?

Cactus' have a fleshy inside so when it rains it can hold water when it rains. Their roots either spread out far to collect the maximum amount of water it it rains (covers a large surface) or their roots go deep into the soil to get water from deeper. They have no leaves to minimise their water loss (MORE)

How can the plants survive in a desert?

Some (like the Saguaro) develop accordion-like surface structures to conserve what little water they do receive. They might also develop deep root systems, to seek moisture far underground. They might also flower only at night, to avoid the withering effects of solar radiation. Some will only grow (MORE)

Do desert bugs eat cactus plants?

Yes , desert bugs eat cactus plants. Specifically, arid, dry, hot climates are home to bugs as well asto cactus plants. Bugs such as aphids, leaf-footed bugs, and mealybugs enjoy desert life, where they will attack cactus plants. Theywill be joined by arachnids such as spider mites and insects such (MORE)

How do stems help cactus plants survive?

The stems of cacti are specially adapted to store vast amounts of water for the plant, as well as its food. The stems are also covered with spines or thorns: this dissuades animals from eating the plant. The stems also have a waxy coating which reflects the sunlight to further reduce water loss. (MORE)

Why can't plants survive in the desert?

Because there isn't enough water or moisture in the soil for plants to take up through their roots so normal plants can't survive in the desert . Actually, some plants do survive in the desert. It is mainly cacti which live in the desert. The reason other plants don't is because there is not e (MORE)