How do contour maps show areas of shallow gradient?

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Contour maps have lines along points at the same height or elevation. The contours are usually drawn at regular intervals, such as every 10 or 50m of height change.
Where contour lines are very close on a map, this shows that the height is changing a great deal over a short horizontal distance, and therefore the gradient is steep.
Areas of shallow gradient will have contour lines that are a long way apart, showing that points that are a set distance apart in height are a large distance apart horizontally.
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What do contour lines show on a topographic map?

They show the relief of an area. They will have height values attached to them. The distance between contour lines gives an impression of gradient. The closer they are toget

What is a shallow gradient?

A shallow gradient is a low slope of land. It usually has contourlines that are decent way apart from one another.
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What are the gradient answers for lab 1-5 constructing a contour map?

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