How do root hair cells of a desert plant differ from tropical rainforest plants?

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In desert plants the root hairs are more sensitive for water absorption and can absorb water at times from the moist air present in the porous soil. The root hairs of tropical rain forest plants absorb only capillary water present in the soil.
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What does a plant root hair cell do?

Answer They are a useful part in the plan. They collect water from underground. Strangely though, as they are plant cells, they don't have any chloroplasts. That is because t

Difference between tropical rainforest plants and desert plants?

desert plants and tropical plants have evolved in different wayssuch as: . desert plants sore water to survive whereas tropical plants havewaxy leaves to drain the water . tro

What are the functions of root hair cells on the tip of the roots of plant?

They absorb minerals dissolved in water via diffusion from the soil. They increase surface area so a plant can absorb water and other minerals that are further away in the