How do you find the angle of reflection off of a mirror?

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The angle of reflection (θr) off a planar surface (eg. mirror) is equal to the angle of incidence (θi) on that surface. They are measured with respect to the normal, which is an imaginary line drawn perpendicular to the surface.

Or, in simpler terms, the angle of reflection is the same as the angle of incidence.
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At what angle does a light ray reflect off a mirror?

It reflects at like 45 degrees I think.. No, it reflects off at the same angle it hits the mirror. If the light wave hits the mirror at a 30 o angle on the left side, it wil

What angle does a light ray reflect off a mirror?

the same angle with which it (the incident ray) hits the mirror surface. this physical law is known by the formula α = β. there´s a simple way to prove it: look

How does light reflect off a plane mirror?

amsw2. A mirror, provided it is smooth to below the wavelength of light, will reflect the light in the same way you can see a water wave be reflected from a wall.

How is light reflected off of a concave mirror?

The way light is reflected is different in a concave mirror depending on the position and distance from the object. when light hits the concave mirror when it is near the obje

How does light reflect off of a mirror and water?

the light bounces of the water and makes the water shine This (above) doesn't really answer the question. It has to do with the light rays going from one media to a differen
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How can light reflect off a mirror?

By 'Atomic Scattering', which is the absorption and re-emission of light energy by the particles of a medium which will not absorb the energy. It depends if the mirror is co