How do you know if a wetland is a wetland?

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There are several factors that determine whether or not an area is a wetland. Those include the presence of aquatic vegetation, soil composition, and the kinds of animals present in those areas.
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What does a wetland do?

They are areas where it is constantly wet, and that consistently provide Habitat For WildLife.

What is in wetlands?

\nEcosystems that form transitional areas between terrestrial and aquatic components of a landscape. Typically they are shallow-water to intermittently flooded ecosystems, whi

What can wetlands be?

A wetland can be a swamp or a marsh. A marshland is wet muddy grass A swamp is a wet pile of mud

Why are wetlands valuable?

"As people understand ecological processes better,attitudes toward wetlands change. we now know that wetlands are,in fact,valuable natural resources. Whether drier or wetter,b

What are the functions of a wetland?

Wetlands slow erosion, help recharge groundwater, and help prevent flooding. They provide habitats for many species of plants and animals.

What is the purpose of the wetland?

A wetland's purpose is that they are a habitat to some of theendangered species if they dont have a home they have no where togo. wetlands have water that us humans use everyd

Why do you have a wetland?

there is no way of "having" a wetland. wetlands form when standing water gathers at some place. that means when flowing, or moving water stops and gathers someplace a wetlaand

Is it wetland or wetlands?

\n. it should be wetlands since we want as many wetlands as we can since wetlands are such an important part to watersheds everywhere they clean the water are a watering plac

What does a wetland have?

All wetlands have cattails(a plant), microscopic organisms(cope pods, etc.), many wetlands have muskrats and since there are cattails, the Red Wing Blackbird is there, because