How do you plant flowers in pokemon platium?

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Have you tried buying berries then going to a area thats brown then clicking on it and itll give u the option to plant a berry there then after u must tend to the plant to get more berries from the plant I hope this helped

How do you get pokemon platium?

u go the Gamestop and go in there then ask the man in the store to get u the Pokemon platinum and it cost u $49.99

On pokemon platium can you catch Cresselia?

Of Course, beat the Elite Four and go to Canalave City, there will be a sailor at his boat go inside the house right next to him a boy having nightmares will be in there inter

Where do you get Lucario in pokemon platium?

Lucario: just like in Pokemon diamond and pearl. go to canalave city take the boat to iron island in iron island go inisde the cave. in there you will see a partner he will j

How do you catch Giratina in pokemon platium?

First you go to mt.cornet, then on spear pillar you will enter to a portal that will send to the distortion world, you will fight against cyrus, and you will fight against gir

How do you get Espeon in pokemon platium?

Get the eevee from Beebee in Hearthome city. It evolves with friendship in the daytime. make friends with it by having the lady in Veilstone city give it a massage, batle wth
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How do you get a Palkia on pokemon platium?

Defeat Cynthia go 2 cave under waterfall pickup item 2 the right go 2 spear pillar examine pink portal be prepared its Level 70 if u waste master ball u r an idiot i caught it
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How do you get strength in pokemon platium?

Go to Iron Island. Riley is going to give it. (He is going to stand in front of the door, you don't have to go inside with him.)