How do you prevent oil spill?

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we can prevent oil spills by using less oil.hope this helps


1.Don't go mining for it in the first place
2.Have inspections

~Murr Murr
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What is an oil spill?

An oil spill is when a pump or boat carrying oil breaks and makes a hole or break which releases mass amounts of oil into seas (depending on how big the hole is). This causes what people call an oil spill. when oil is spilled in seas and it causes water pollution and makes many animals die.

How do you prevent an oil spill?

Oil drilling companies should use automatic shut-off deviceinstalled in the main pipe where the oils pass going up....thiswould prevent the oil spill when there is an accident at theplatform To contain the oil spill people who like to help can collect theoil and sell the oil back to the British pet (MORE)

What is the need to prevent and control oil spills?

Oil spills kill and harm sea life as well as ruin business for industry's such as fishing tourism etc. So to protect the environment , the productivity of the environment and the beauty of the environment, it is our duty to prevent damage caused by oil spills whenever we can.

What can be done to help prevent oil spills?

you can prevent oil spills by also preventing pollution. also before you start fueling, defueling, internal transfer etc.. make sure you check to make sure it is tight and there are no leaking glands. also you can use less electricity. so by turning off the lights in your house when your not in that (MORE)

How can you prevent oil spills?

The Spill onto the Washington Mall rally grew out of the collective action taken against BP as a result of the explosion. First, we started boycott pages on Facebook. Then we took to the streets, gas stations, and beaches. After many of the boycott managers got to know each other, we thought that mo (MORE)

How do oil spills affect birds?

Oil gets into their wings and stops them flying or swimming, so it can be fatal. The oil is very diffucult to get rid of.

Preventing oil spills?

The Spill onto the Washington Mall rally grew out of the collective action taken against BP as a result of the explosion. First, we started boycott pages on Facebook. Then we took to the streets, gas stations, and beaches. After many of the boycott managers got to know each other, we thought that mo (MORE)

What can man do to prevent oil spills?

Well, you can definently be more aware to how much oil you use each day and keep your oil in a closed can or so on. . by being careful not to spill ant oils anywhere, otherwise you'll risk alot of animals lives.

What can people do to prevent oil spills?

Oil spills could be reduced in a number of ways. We can build better tankers, we can give people who pilot tankers better training, and possibly do less shipping of oil, if we can cut back on our oil consumption, which would have several advantages in addition to reducing the risk of oil spills.

When was an oil spill?

I forget which day in April it was, but the Bp gasoline company had a major oil spill on the coast of Mexico. It will cost 3 billion dollars or more to fix. Even though the sea creatures matter much more no one seems to be paying attention to them... it is very sad. It already hit Florida's beautifu (MORE)

How did the oil spill?

Exxon Valdez tried a different route to California and he had to make a lot of turns so the 10.9 million of the 53 million gallons of oil tipped over. It caused a lot of poisoning fish.

How do you prevent oil rig spills?

Oil rigs spills are going to happen no matter what cautions and procedures are in place. As long as humans are involved in the process. Nature has also cause some major oil slicks also. Drilling has relieved pressure from some of these cracks and reduced natural "spills". What needs to be in plac (MORE)

Why do you spill oil?

It was a mistake made by BP or they did it on purpose because the media needed somethung to make a story out of.

What do they do with the oil from oil spills?

They clean it off of the surface of the water by skimming the surface with Booms,skimmers,sorbents,chemicals,vaccums, and shovels. Hope this helps Then the skimmed oil, if in larger quantities can be recycled economically.

How to prevent oil spills?

we can prevent oil spills by transporting oil in another way rather than by boat. it is also okay to transport it by boat. the ship liners crew should just be careful in handling them. because everytime an oil spill occurs in does not only affect the place but also the people in that place and also (MORE)

The conclusion to clean the oil spill?

The Spill onto the Washington Mall rally grew out of the collective action taken against BP as a result of the explosion. First, we started boycott pages on Facebook. Then we took to the streets, gas stations, and beaches. After many of the boycott managers got to know each other, we thought that mo (MORE)

How do oil spills affect the coast?

oil forms a layer on water surface..aquatic animals,fishes etc.r not able 2 breathe & die....dead bodies further pollute water & sea..moreover harmful chemicals from oil enter food chain via aquatic animals and disturbs ecosystem

How do you make oil spills?

Some common ways are to put a hole in an oil tanker ship, break an oil-carrying pipeline, overturn a a truck that carries or runs on an oil-based product, overturn a train for the same reasons, rust out an old bulk oil oil tank, turn the wrong valve at the oil refinery, and others.

Can oil spills kill people?

yes it possible if the person drowns in it, or they drink it (i dont know why they would drink it though)

Can they fix the oil spill?

No, they can't fix the oil spills because oil can't dissolve in the water for example sugar can but oil can't. I wish that answered your question.

What are they doing to the Mexican oil spill?

I have made a blog to try and raise awareness for the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. I know you're asking what "they" are doing but on the blog I've listed links and information on what YOU can do to help. The people in charge of the operation are too close to the problem and need to be removed and a (MORE)

What are some ways to prevent oil spills?

Oil spills occur in many different ways- pipe line breaks, barges capsizing, tanker accidents, storage tanks leaking, production platform accidents and well blowouts. The two most famous spills are the Exxon Valdez oil spill caused by a tanker accident and the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico caus (MORE)

Who helps prevent oil spills?

Apparently no one. The US government has an organization that allegedly oversees oil drilling operations, but we've seen how effective that is in countless spills. The clean up is a joke, more like a Keystone Cops short than a response to the worst natural disaster since Katrina and the Indonesian t (MORE)

Could the Mexican oil spill have been prevented?

The Mexican oil spill could have been prevented. All oil spills could have been prevented if it weren't for careless people! An automatic switch should have been installed on the inside of the pipe.

How much oil was spilled in the BP oil spill?

Somewhere between 90-180 million gallons of oil has been spilled into the Gulf of Mexico from the 2010 BP oil spill . On June 19th, the official estimate is 35,000 to 60,000 barrels a day, though internal BP documents concede it could be as high as 100,000 barrels a day. (Between 1,500,000 to (MORE)

How can oil spills like this one be prevented from happen again?

I wish I had a simple answer. At present there are major investigations on going: 1) House of Representatives, Committee on Energy and Commerce 2) National Academy of Engineering 3) Joint investigation by Minerals Management Service and US Coast Guard 4) White House Special Investigation (MORE)

Can the oil spill be prevented?

Almost anything CAN be prevented, but the problem is no one thinks of it first. It's not like BP is mindlessly running tankers out in the ocean completely careless of accidents. That's several billions of dollars in oil that they're losing out there not to mention the cost of the ship.

What can oil spills do?

Oil spills can damage many things. One oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico killed a lot of sea life. All the rescued animals were cleaned, but out of around 700 animals they saved, only 200 survived.

How could the oil spill in Mexico have been prevented?

There are a number of investigations ongoing that will address this issue. BP has stated that there is not a single cause to this accident, but a series of unlikely events that caused the accident. The issues to be investigated will be: (1) the cementing in of the tapered liner, (2) the well integr (MORE)

What should the government do to prevent a oil spill like this from happening again?

Prevention . Seafood Sensory Training- in an effort to detect oil in seafood, Inspectors and regulators are being trained to to sniff out seafood tainted by oil in the Gulf of Mexico and make sure the product reaching consumers is safe to eat. . Secondary containment - methods to prevent releas (MORE)

What can your community do to prevent another oil spill?

This is a controversial question. Some people would like to stop drilling oil wells like the one BP is drilling, in deep water, at deep depths. Unfortunately, this is where many new sources of oil are found. Others would like to allow some drilling, but only if it can be shown to be safe. There ar (MORE)

How can people prevent another oil spill from happening?

By actually introducing some safety protocols for the situation. The companies haven't dealt with anything like a major pipeline leak before so they got complacent and didn't bother. The companies could also work on better ways of capping pipelines with some of their billions.

How much oil spilled from oil spills in 2010?

Note: these numbers are only estimated as of July 30. A list of 2010 oil spills with corresponding tonnages of spilt oil follows: . Yellow River oil spill: 130 tonnes . Port Arthur oil spill: 1,500 tonnes . Great Barrier Reef oil spill: 3-4 tonnes . BP Gulf Of Mexico oil spill: 300, (MORE)

How was the bp oil spill preventable?

This is a simple question. The answer is not simple. There are a number of investigations that have not been completed, including a National Commission that includes many of the countries top scientists and engineers. As we learn more about potential contributing factors leading to the BP oil spi (MORE)

Could oil spills have been prevented?

Some oil spillage is geological natural. However since man beganmining and using oil, mankind has become responsible for a hugeamount of oil spillage. We concentrate on what large companies aredoing when mining for and transporting oil and require thesecompanies to comply to standards an laws that a (MORE)

How can kids prevent oil spills?

Kids can help reduce oil spills through: . being observant in your community . speaking up about what you see . educating others about spills . reporting spills when appropriate . becoming a Citizen Advocate Examples: Your grandpa changes his car oil at home. Sometimes, some oil runsdown th (MORE)