How do you simplify 4c2 plus 5c plus 2c?

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4c2 + 5c + 2c = 4c2 + 7c = c(4c + 7)
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How do you solve this 4c2 plus 12c-72?

If you factor this you would first factor out a common multiple 4(c^2+3c-18) 4(c+6)(c-3) The 6 and -3 were arrived by thinking,"What adds together to get +3 and mu;tiplies to

What is 9x plus 2 plus 2c?

This can't be simplified or factored. Just leave it the way it is. If you have specific values for the variables "x" and "c", replace them and do the calculations. This can't

What is the factorization of 4c2-12c plus 9?

4c^2-12c+9 is a trinomial because it is in the form of ax^2 + bx + c. In this case, the trinomial is a perfect square trinomial. 4c^2-12c+9 =(2c-3)(2c-3) =(2c-3)^2

What is a plus b plus 2c equals?

Without any information about a or b or c, all that can be said is: a + b + 2c = a + b + 2c Not particularly illuminating!