How does an iron core increase the strength of an electromagnet?

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Iron core (usually soft iron core) is a highly ferromagnetic material. Ferromagnetic materials allows (and attracts) the magnetic field lines to pass through it.
When such a material is used in the electromagnet, the magnetic field lines passing through it increases, thereby, the strength of the electromagnet increases.

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The strength of an electromagnet cannot be increased by?

-- gluing heavy weights to it -- painting it red -- hanging it on the wall -- shouting at it -- soaking it in brine -- making it do exercises -- heating it -- freezing it -- t

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Why does the soft iron core increases the strength of magnetic field?

The soft iron core acts as a medium through which magnetic fields can flow ANALOGY: Just as sound travels best in dense solids, magnetic fields travel best in [soft] iron W

Why do electromagnets often have iron cores in them?

The main advantage of an electromagnet is it can be turned on and off. Iron is a soft magnetic material an therefore looses its magnetism very quickly, if you use a metal like