How does the mass of water change as it is heated?

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it doesn't. Through the law of conservation of mass what goes in must come out.
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If a liquid is heated does its mass change?

E=mc^2 states that energy is mass and mass is energy. Therefore if you add heat energy to a body its mass increases. For example when water is heated in a microwave oven; the

How would the mass of the copper change as you heat it?

You will not detect any change in the mass of copper as a result of heating it, although in theory, there is a very slight increase in mass which results from adding heat ener

How does taste of water change when heated?

Pure water has no taste. The taste in water you are referring to is a result of the other materials in water. The change in the taste as a result of temperature change would d

Does water change its mass when it evaporates?

No. The water isn't destroyed, it's just turning into really thin watervapour. If you stuck a bowl with water in an air proof container and letthe water evaporate until the b
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Is water heated a chemical change?

Nope. Water heated, turned to steam, or frozen into a solid (ice), it is still good old water. If there was a chemical change, it would no longer be water.